Expormim Reimagines the Artist's Studio at 3DaysofDesign

Step inside Ruby Atelier Gallery, transformed into a haven of curated chaos and artistic inspiration

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10/06/2024 - "The Intimate Side of Art," an evocative exhibition hosted by Ruby Atelier Gallery during 3DaysofDesign, draws you into a curated world where design and creativity intertwine. This collaboration between Openhouse and Expormim celebrates the significance of a personal space for artistic expression, echoing Virginia Woolf's concept of "A Room of One's Own." Through the lens of artistic director Henriette Schou, discover a harmonious blend of exceptional designs by renowned creators like David López Quincoces and Norm Architects, each piece unveiled as an authentic artwork.
Expormim and Openhouse @ 3daysofdesign - ©Mariluz Vidal 2Pin it

Expormim and Openhouse @ 3daysofdesign - ©Mariluz Vidal

The interior and styling will emphasise the different scenes and moods that can take place in such a place, making room for creative chaos and artistic expression, intimate conversations, reflection and laughter. It will be dynamic and playful - yet calm and minimal. Ruby Atelier Gallery will be converted into a lived-in space, where high-quality, sustainable, and exclusive designs narrate a common story.

The intimate side of art Ruby Atelier Gallery will be metamorphosed into an artist’s home-studio with pieces by Expormim, in collaboration with Nanimarquina and participation of Marset. Visitors will immerse themselves in a creative environment, witnessing a blend of artistic expressions and curated chaos.
Expormim and Openhouse @ 3daysofdesign - ©Mariluz Vidal 3Pin it

Expormim and Openhouse @ 3daysofdesign - ©Mariluz Vidal

Norm Architects “Furniture as shelter”

Founded in 2008, Norm Architects is a Copenhagen-based studio working with design to enrich the human experience. Their fundamental principles are: timeless aesthetics, the use of natural materials and the defense of moderation and refinement. Their collaboration with Expormim, “Cask” and “Loop” exude an elegance that allows the pieces to show their bold and playful side, a characteristic which suits the mood of any contemporary space.
Expormim and Openhouse @ 3daysofdesign - ©Mariluz Vidal 4Pin it

Expormim and Openhouse @ 3daysofdesign - ©Mariluz Vidal

David López Quincoces “Creative Direction with an editorial narrative purpose”

Wrapping up the event we will organize a shared conversation between two creative minds: David López Quincoces, the accomplished creator of our new rattan collection “Cadenza” and Henriette Schou, talented creative stylist who will share her inspirations for the 3 Days of Design exhibition. Together, they will discuss how to create a narrative through interior design.

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Expormim and Openhouse @ 3daysofdesign - ©Mariluz Vidal 5Pin it

Expormim and Openhouse @ 3daysofdesign - ©Mariluz Vidal

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