Expormim. Rewriting the Rules of Outdoor Furniture

Petale, Blum and Link: the collection for 2020

23/06/2020 - Confess it. You’ve been longing for the summer when the first leaves start falling from the trees. You’ve been wishing for months now to enjoy the pleasure of reading, eating, thinking, sleeping (or simply doing nothing) outside. But what would you say if this time, when the summer is over, you could bring a part of it to the inside? This is how Expormim new outdoor collections were conceived and not for the first time: the difference is every new season they are getting better at it.

Expormim has been working for quite a few years to erase the border between the indoor and the outdoor. Outdoor furniture has been widely associated to ugly materials and not so comfortable seating solutions. Expormim novelties for 2020 keep rewriting the rules of outdoor furniture. The outdoor was never so elegant, so comfortable, so also capable of penetrating into indoor spaces without any disruption. Be bold and get ready to welcome the new era.
Petale by MUT Design
Design is a game and MUT Design are always willing to play. When entrusting them with the Petale chair, we asked them to minimise the range of materials used in it but of course without sacrificing comfort or usability.
Expormim. Rewriting the Rules of Outdoor Furniture 2

Petale is made of stainless steel tube and textile. Nothing more. And still there is so much beauty in its deliberate simplicity and so much comfort in its huggy petal-shaped backrest. Add a cushion to the seat for extra softness and play with the available textiles to customise it to your taste. Not done yet. Dimensions have been reduced so it can fit in contract spaces and thanks to its stackability, transportation is easier and more environmentally friendly. Not done yet, but almost. If you have guessed it is also suitable for indoor use, you were guessing right.
Blum by Manel Molina
With Blum we have worked our heart out (technologically speaking). But developing an innovative piece is less scary if Manel Molina is around.
Expormim. Rewriting the Rules of Outdoor Furniture 3

Blum could be just another archetypal indoor dining chair if it were not for the fact that it is entirely made of outdoor materials. Its final location will always be decided by the user: place it outside, bring it inside or move it from one space to the other accordingly to your mood or your needs. Aside from this, why it is so revolutionary? Its legs are the result of a hydroforming process while CNC bending machines and welding robots have been used to manufacture its high-resistance aluminum frame. The well-studied position of its armrests and the high backrest pursue utmost comfort and elegance. Dressing up the outdoors will be easier than ever thanks to Blum.
Link by MUT Design
When dressing up, accessories play a fundamental role. Apparently nonessential pieces, such as rugs, may be, in fact, the cherry on top of an outdoor setting.
Expormim. Rewriting the Rules of Outdoor Furniture 4

Link is a collection of crafted rugs made of polypropilene ropes with different thickness. This helps create distinct levels and attractive relieves. Go classy, go casual or go crazy with Link: it is the magic of adaptability. Different strokes for different folks.

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