Nature Invades the Workplace: Extremis at Neocon

AMAi, Sensu, and Tiki Table: innovative creations that aid in outdoor working

27/06/2022 - Nature invades the workplace: Extremis returns to NeoCon with new releases, including AMAi, Sensu, and Tiki Table

Emphasizing the importance of incorporating nature into the workplace, the new products, AMAi, Sensu and Tiki Table are innovative creations that aid in outdoor working and fostering productivity while escaping the confines of the modern workplace. 

AMAi is a one-of-a-kind adjustable system that can be tailored to the needs of any gathering, indoors or outdoors, for work or for play, making each experience valuable and easy- going.
Extremis, AMAi 2

Extremis, AMAi

This unique multi-utility patented design is the first outdoor set that truly has it all: flexibility, durability, and timeless innovative design. Two A-shaped side frames provide a solid construction where multifunctional magic finds its purpose. In between these frames, you can position the tabletop into two heights: standard or high, while revolutionary height adjustable chairs and benches match the chosen height of the table and allow people to sit at the same eye level. Pair the AMAi system with a shade, indoor and outdoor power outlets, and dimmable LED lighting for a set that can truly do it all. 

Sensu is a free-hanging tilting shade that combines the beauty of flat design with the functionality of a hand fan system. Inspired by its namesake, the Japanese hand fan, Sensu collection opens and closes horizontally, bringing ‘easy to use’ to the next level. Being a freestanding shade, it does not take up any space on your table.
Extremis, Sensu 3

Extremis, Sensu

By tilting or rotating this umbrella, you can optimally cast the shade. Combine one, two, or even four shades for a maximum shadow surface. 

The Tiki Table, a modern twist on the high-top café table, embodies flexibility and functionality above all else. It can be set up at the outdoor office by day and moved to the happy hour bar by night.
Extremis, Tiki Table 4

Extremis, Tiki Table

The collapsible configuration allows it to easily be folded up and moved or stored away, while the warmth of the aesthetic makes it ideal for indoor use as well. The sleek, dainty aesthetic is matched only by the durability of the design, ensured by a strong, wire-frame base. As with every Extremis piece, multi- functionality shines through in the design, with the frame doubling as a footrest for ultimate comfort. 

Walrus is an outdoor sofa that is truly meant to stay outdoors. Extremis turned the standard outdoor sofa inside out, with the sofa being its own cover and the cushions fitting neatly in the backside.
Extremis, Walrus 5

Extremis, Walrus

Ready in seconds, there is no hassle of moving cushions inside and outside for rain or dealing with uninspiring plastic covers. The low-maintenance Walrus collectio is ready to provide instant enjoyment of the sun as soon as it breaks through.

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Nature Invades the Workplace: Extremis at Neocon 6

Nature Invades the Workplace: Extremis at Neocon 7

Nature Invades the Workplace: Extremis at Neocon 8

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