Extremis introducing its latest Tools for Togetherness

Just waiting for those relaxing warm days and evenings

10/05/2017 - Extremis introduces its latest additions to the Extremis range: the Virus picnic table and the two-in-one Sol+Luna sunbed and sofa... Just waiting for those relaxing warm days and evenings!

Extremis is introducing Virus, the picnic table in various styles that brings the most sterile spaces to life. Dirk Wynants has designed various versions, all based on one identical frame, that seat from two to five persons. The sleek but playful design enables you to fill a space with a nice mix of small to medium-sized sofas, without losing out on uniformity. These tables was on show in Milan in a variety of configurations and in no less than 7 colours (white, black, earth, silk grey, reed green, wine red and sky blue). With this design, Extremis is responding to the trend towards smaller living, so that city dwellers can also have the pleasure of an attractive and practical picnic table in their less than spacious garden or patio. Mix and match to organise your favourite spot this summer. Togetherness everywhere!
The Sol+Luna is a match made in heaven for those who are looking for a combination of functionality and comfort. Does a lazy day in the sun, a peaceful siesta or a relaxing break with a book sound like music to your ears? And wouldn't you love to round off the day with an unexpected visit from your best friend as the sun goes down? Designer Dirk Wynants of Extremis has created the inventive 'tool' for this dream scenario. The new Sol+Luna is two things in one: a recliner that can be turned into a comfortable sofa. A piece of furniture that has a function for both day and evening. And the new colour expressions of silk grey and earth can be seen for the first time in Milan. The sun bed has a handy shelf at the side, which can also turn into a perfect backrest: just throw on a couple of cushions and you instantly create a comfortable sofa for three people.  The compact, adjustable shade also provides light, and can be fitted to the sofa with a simple plug-in system. We have also created extra little tables with the same plug-in system. So, bring on the snacks!
The Extremis single recliner is also a three-seater sofa, and a set of two recliners becomes a suite for six people.  Sol+Luna, or sun and moon in Spanish, is a name that reflects the dual purpose of this new piece of furniture that can be used around the clock from your morning dip to the after-hours pool party. The Sol+Luna range is available in two different styles. The southern version - Australis - has been designed for those who like a clean, architectural style. The northern version - Borealis - has a somewhat more organic look. Extra options include the recliner cushions, back cushions, towel holder and even a little locker to store your precious items while you are swimming a few lengths in peace. With extra tables, shades and light, Extremis makes sure you have absolutely everything you need!
Last but not least, Extremis is celebrating! The classic Picnik design will enjoy its 15th birthday this year, and this was celebrated in Milan with a special edition in gold. This table for two, with its impressive appearance (solid but at the same time stylish), can be perfectly integrated into a variety of spaces. Thanks to its stylish look, the table/seat combination looks at home in many (smaller) interiors and gardens, as well as being the ideal patio table for two.

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