Falmec for the Age-Old Kilmartin Castle in Scotland

Technological and smart, the Spazio hood is chosen for the new bed and breakfast kitchen alcove

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Falmec for the Age-Old Kilmartin Castle in Scotland
23/02/2021 - In the wild and unspoiled natural environment of Scotland's west coast, is the wonderful Kilmartin Castle, located in the valley of Kilmartin Glen. After a long time restyling, the building was converted into a bed and breakfast with five bedrooms - all with en-suite bathrooms and wood burning stoves - a dining room with a medieval atmosphere, and a large hall that welcomes guests. The Spazio hood by Falmec was chosen for the beautiful kitchen alcove. Falmec Spazio in Kilmartin Castle kitchen_ph Bill Ballie

Falmec Spazio in Kilmartin Castle kitchen_ph Bill Ballie

With its low ceilings and rounded walls with stone details, the Spazio fits perfectly into this environment, enhancing the impact of the island in the centre of the room. Situated on the large smoked glass shelf of the 180 cm wide black Spazio, are all the items required for daily use, while the lower part of the appliance houses a small green area reserved for aromatic plants.

In fact, Spazio’s design allows you to take care of your garden without leaving the kitchen by incorporating a set of trays plus a special illuminated one especially for indoor cultivation, favouring both the photosynthesis process and the growth of the plants themselves.

Technologically advanced and incredibly smart, the award-winning extraction centre designed by Francesco Lucchese offers a multitude of functions, such as an LED lighting system that extensively illuminates the worktop, a channel equipped with hooks for hanging ladles and spoons, a roll holder and a spice holder. To ensure everything is close at hand, the Spazio is also equipped with a system of electrical sockets and USB ports to recharge electronic devices, and a practical tablet holder that allows you to consult apps and multimedia content quickly and easily.

This model relies on Falmec 's patented Circle.Tech system, which combines both suction and filtration in one single apparatus. This allows the outgoing air to spread evenly and be filtered effectively from the Carbon.Zeo filters that surround the engine. These innovative filters retain any unwanted odours by combining materials of natural origin, such as activated carbon and zeolite, that are ideal for absorption of organic compounds and cooking vapours.

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Falmec Spazio

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