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The California Collection: eight fresh, sun-soaked and versatile hues to breathe new life into the interior

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08/03/2021 - Farrow & Ball introduces The California Collection, a palette of eight fresh, sun-soaked hues created by American designer Kelly Wearstler
“I always say living without colour is like living without love, so it’s been a dream to partner with Farrow & Ball on a collection of paint that celebrates the emotions colour can evoke,” says Ms. Wearstler. “Colour is the spirit of a room, and provides expressive power to transform a space with your personal voice, whether you’re painting all of your walls, or just one.” 
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The debut partnership represents the first palette created by an outside designer since the paint company’s founding in 1946, and is launching during the brand’s 75th year of business. Used alone or with the wider range of Farrow & Ball signature hues, The California Collection offers endless combinations for creating a stylish, dynamic look in your home. 
Kelly Wearstler’s love of colour has been a hallmark of her career, and she has used Farrow & Ball in her projects for more than two decades. Her debut collection will
live as its own palette, one that effortlessly complements the brand’s existing core collection of 132 thoughtfully curated colours. Underpinned by the Farrow & Ball ethos of sustainability, each shade is eco-friendly, low-VOC, water-based, and beautifully packaged in a recyclable tin. 
The California Collection is rooted in Kelly Wearstler’s belief that colours found in nature resonate on a visceral level, providing a sense of serenity, an innate recognition, and a feeling of belonging in the surrounding environment. In crafting the palette, Ms. Wearstler was inspired by the light of the Pacific and the landscape of California, resulting in a modern, American continuation of the Farrow & Ball tradition of celebrating colours in the local landscape. 
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The California Collection presents a series of harmonious colours that create a dialog and represent a variety of moods, such as the earthy feel of Citrona, the the dreamy muted tones of blue-grey Hazy, or the easygoing warmth of Faded Terracotta. In keeping with Wearstler’s belief that “black and white are colours too,” the palette also includes tone-setting neutrals in the form of Tar, an off-black; Sand, a warm white with depth and complexity; and Salt, a bright, crisp white reminiscent of the crystalline layer left behind by the winds of the Pacific Ocean. 
“Kelly Wearstler has created a collection that perfectly complements Farrow & Ball’s existing palette,” says Charlotte Cosby, Head of Creative at Farrow & Ball. “We know that her instinctive approach to colour and passion for design will inspire people everywhere to bring colour into their homes in new and exciting ways.” 
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“Kelly Wearstler is an ideal partner because she shares Farrow & Ball’s appreciation of design and colour” explains Anthony Davey, CEO at Farrow & Ball. “There are many consumers who have an aesthetic desire to try something new and Kelly is the perfect design master to show them how.” 
The eight colours in The California Collection are available in four finishes: 
Capturing the off-black shade of sunbaked desert highways, this deep yet restrained neutral is soft enough to envelop a whole room. 
Inspired by the lemon trees that thrive in California’s temperate climate, this softened citrus shade is an earthy, contemporary take on true chartreuse. 
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A warm white of depth and complexity, this versatile neutral conjures images of Malibu, with its soft-sanded beaches and its coastal homes filled with natural wood and textured linens. 
This fresh green is a love letter to the iconic palms that dot the Los Angeles skyline. It has a desaturated quality, as if always being seen in the clear, bright light characteristic of California. 
Farrow & Ball x Kelly Wearstler 6

A bright, crisp white, reminiscent of the salty air ushered in by the Pacific Ocean and the delicate crystalline layer it leaves behind. 
This muted blue-grey is inspired by the marine layer that brings drifts of dreamy fog inland, capturing the fresh feeling of early mornings on the coast. 
Farrow & Ball x Kelly Wearstler 7

A true, effortless grey to bring strength, structure, and clarity to any palette – just as it does to the landscape on city streets and cloudy coastal days. 
Faded Terracotta 
The singular colour of terracotta pots and tiles baked to a pale hue by the California sun. An easygoing shade characterized by softness and warmth.
Farrow & Ball x Kelly Wearstler 8

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