FFerrone: An Adventure Started 10 Years Ago

Between new collections and memories in blown glass

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FFerrone: An Adventure Started 10 Years Ago
29/04/2020 - FFerrone: an adventure that started 10 years ago. FFerrone, the international namesake brand, based in Chicago and Milan, - founded by the designer Felicia Ferrone - specializing in handcrafted glassware, celebrates its first ten years of activity and does so by launching a new collection, Flight Collection.
The new Flight Collection is a glassware collection fully in character with FFerrone design aesthetics and inspired by the architecture of her hometown Chicago. The Flight collection was inspired by the towers of Marina City, the iconic architectural landmark designed by Bertand Goldberg in the mid 1960s which sitting on the Chicago River in the heart of the city. The collection includes an espresso / liqueur glass, a tumbler, a collins glass, a champagne glass and a carafe.

The original FFerrone Tablescape defined by Felicia Ferrone celebrates its 10 year anniversary in 2020. Ten years after her first collection of drinking glasses, Felicia Ferrone, of the eponymous American brand FFerrone, has been regularly featured in international press and earned a select clientele, so much so that in 2018 she opened a branch in Milan to follow the European and Middle Eastern market more closely.
The first collection, Revolution, redesigned the landscape of the table. Minimalist and original, the collection seems to defy gravity, offering glasses that may also be used upside down, suggesting a new use and silhouette for table settings. From there, Ferrone began to experiment with innovative techniques together with glass masters, inverting traditional cut glass by having the intricate detail on the interior of the glassware.

The Margot Collection was designed for its elaborate richness, the Boyd Collection develops strong shapes which were inspired by Brutalist architecture, as well as the most recent line, the sophisticated May Collection. Minimalist aesthetics, mastery of proportions and meticulous attention to detail characterize the FFerrone collections of vases, glasses and objects. FFerrone offers several glassware and barware collections whose timeless pieces are known to surprise the consumer, through unique and simple designs.

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FFerrone: An Adventure Started 10 Years Ago

FFerrone: An Adventure Started 10 Years Ago

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