First, geometry. Then, colour

The lamps in woolen threads designed by Thea Kuta

22/10/2017 - Thea Kuta has been originated from the need to experience yarn as an alternative tool for painting. The choice of drawing geometric subject relies on the power of geometry to create an optical illusion giving the spectator an active role in the picture.

First, geometry. Then, colour. The creative path of Elisa Bortolussi follows these two concepts.
First, geometry. Then, colour 2

The last collection presented at the laste edition of LDF brings a new family of lamps. The prototype was conceived for an art installation inspired by the movement and shape of the pendulums that than was transformed into a lamp.

The weaving technique used is the same applied in almost all the Thea Kuta lamps, what’s new is the procedure used to color the wool. In Thea Kuta'S background there is a passion for silk-screening, a skill that she learned in Chile and had the possibility to share and teach in the community of Port Harcourt and Lagos in Nigeria.

Inspired by already working with a technique that allows to color the textile, she finally decided to color herself the wool; so starting from 100% merino white wool she uses the technique of batik: either soaking the all lamp at different timing in the color in order to create different shades of tone, or applying the same technique in the yarn before the process of weaving. 
First, geometry. Then, colour 3

All the lamps are hand-made by Elisa Bortolussi in her studio in Zurich (Switzerland).

Thea Kuta” refers to a type of weaving technique developed and produced by Elisa Bortolussi. Michael “Koko” Eberli joined the project for the last collection, introducing new forms & a stand.

Other than her independent work, she has also been producing commissioned work for the Missoni Home for the last four years and this year two lamps designed by her based on their new colours for 2017 are part of their collection. 

Thea Kuta is also the name of Bortolussi’s spring 2014 collection for Missoni Home, which received rave reviews at “Maison & Objet” in Paris and the “Salone del Mobile” in Milan. With the aim to create an experience of yarn as an alternative tool for visual expression, she travelled from Italy to Mexico and from Nigeria to Ghana to research how women all over the world interpret this method of artistry.
First, geometry. Then, colour 4

Thus “Thea Kuta” is an experimental artform which embraces elements of different cultures, combining the aspects of contemporary design and geometry and the weaving traditions , allowing design to meet art. Every piece is handmade in Switzerland with 100% wool and occasionally leather.
First, geometry. Then, colour 5

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