Flexible, Multitasking and Colourful: the office 4.0 for Mara

functional furnishing to live in workspaces and foster collaboration, interaction and well-being

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14/09/2021 - The period we are living in has led us to realise that workspaces are evolving while two previously very distant environments, home and office, are now contaminating each other.
Hence the need to design, organise and make existing spaces more functional, using solutions which satisfy the new trends and requirements, aiming at bringing the office functionality to home and home comfort to office.
Six colourful and conceptual images identify and narrate Mara alternative interpretation to daily live everyone workspace by enhancing productivity, well-being, collaboration and creativity. Convivial places of inspiration and social interaction. Real 'comfort zones' that can be customised and configured to suit all needs.
Flexible, Multitasking and Colourful: the office 4.0 for Mara 2

Smart, flexible and transformable furnishings: a mix of research, technological innovation and at- tention to design are characteristic of the true Made in Italy.
Mara offer a wide range of height-adjustable, on castors, multifunctional and space-saving tables to be combined with a variety of seats and complements that bring ergonomics and comfort to different environments and help to rethink and design new ways of working and interacting.
Flexible, Multitasking and Colourful: the office 4.0 for Mara 3

With Follow sit-stand table collection the office has become as lively and dynamic as ever!
A unique, innovative and sustainable product that suits to different environments and multiple uses. Equipped with Mara innovative patented 'no-gravity' system, it does not require electricity or gas pumps and allows a free positioning within a room.
Such innovation earned Follow the Seal of Excellence of the EU Horizon 2020 programme as well as the EN 527 certification as office desk.
Follow Me
Mara expand the collection with Follow Me, the new multitasking, space-saving and height- ad- justable table designed for an intuitive, simple and dynamic sit-stand use.
Follow Me allows to work or study in spaces where a small and versatile support surface is needed. Conceived as a travel trolley, thanks to the practical castors and a functional handle it is effortlessly moved and immediately used in any environment.
Whether you want to work in an armchair, on the sofa, in bed or on the terrace, standing or in a private and quiet space at home, Follow Me follows you everywhere while encouraging its use.
Versatile, flexible and dynamic: Libro, one of the company best sellers, fosters creative meetings, collaboration and sharing. A large table available in a model longer than three meters that can ac- comodate up to fourteen persons and can be folded by one person with great ease in just 40 cm of width using a very little space. The anti-shock system, developed and patented by Mara, guar- antees a total safety when opening the table.
A space-saving and multifunctional solution that can be used as a single desk, a meeting and co- working table, a whiteboard or a partition.
Loto is a seating collection characterized by a simple shell of birch with soft and essential lines. The combination of wood and tubular steel frame evokes notes of an industrial style. A design that at- tracts attention, showing purity and simplicity. Chair, armchair and stools available in two differ- ent heights.
Three, four or eight modules? Whatever the number B-302 is the name of our modular, light and minimalist bookcase. B-302 divides, hosts and creates a rhythm in space. A display cabinet that de- fines and designs without dividing. An iconic furniture, featuring a visual game of full and empty spaces, which stands out for its contemporary elegance. Consisting of stackable and combinable modules, entirely made of steel, it allows endless combinations both vertically and horizontally. B302 is accessorizable with practical storage drawers in different colours and finishes.
Mia Chair
Mia is modern, vibrant and expressive. A versatile chair conceived for the community made by a polypropylene shell in pleasant, contemporary colours.
The seats adapt and naturally fit in the most diverse environments: from the school to the office. The upholstery version allows further aesthetic and chromatic customizations. Stackable, Mia is EN 1729 certified as chair for school use as well.

Flexible, Multitasking and Colourful: the office 4.0 for Mara 4

Flexible, Multitasking and Colourful: the office 4.0 for Mara 5

Flexible, Multitasking and Colourful: the office 4.0 for Mara 6

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