Focus: The Pleasure of Fire

The new collection @ Maison & Objet 2020

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Focus: The Pleasure of Fire
08/01/2020 - Focus will showcase its contemporary fireplaces at this year’s Maison & Objet trade fair from 17 to 21 January in Paris (at the Villepinte exhibition centre). The French company will present its latest models embodying its unique blend of custom design and expertise ‘made in France’. Since its creation, Focus has been breaking new ground with its iconic style that unites bold innovation, performance and respect for the environment.
New in 2020: the Curvifocus, adapted for public buildings
All eyes converge on the world’s first concave fireplace, the Curvifocus gas fire, whose unique shape offers exceptional visibility of the fire. A balanced-flue fireplace, the Curvifocus is CE certified and compatible with French Energy Efficiency Standard RT2012 and low
energy buildings. To adapt this popular model for a wider audience, Focus’s R&D team developed a discreet woven metallic mesh to insulate the front of the fireplace, preventing direct contact with the glass and also considerably reducing the surface temperature. These new features have made the Curvifocus suitable for installation in public facilities (French ERP bui lding code regulations). Available from April 2020.
Bringing together a touch of madness and an abundance of intelligence, the holographic E-Focus is the result of an encounter between an icon designed by Dominique Imbert 50 years ago and cutting-edge optical technology. This digital experience is a gracious invitation to rest your eyes and your mind in a refuge of serenity and calm. This incredibly realistic holographic fire keeps its promise, at last delivering a clean, non-polluting solution that allows the interior design advantages of a fireplace with no thermal or environmental constraints. The E-Focus is stylish, reliable and practical, a new-generation fireplace set to conquer the future. Available in June 2020.
A subtle blend of lines and curves: the Boafocus
This closed gas fire (central or wall) harmoniously enhances the space it occupies, offering an inviting view of its flames through a hemispheric double-glazed porthole.

Compatible with the French Energy Efficiency Standard RT2012, this intelligent fire is operated by remote control (to turn it on/off, programme or adjust the heat, etc.). The electronic burner and the gas supply are concealed in the base. The system is battery operated, allowing it to function in the event of a power cut. The model is also compatible with low energy buildings, as it draws in air from the exterior rather than the air in the room by means of a concentric double-walled flue. The fire can burn either natural gas or propane. This model is now available in a central or wall version.
The pleasure of a Focus fire outdoors
The seven models in the Focus outdoor range – the Gyrofocus (photo), Bathyscafocus, Domofocus, Emifocus, Ergofocus, Miofocus and Paxfocus – are now available in rust, giving them a mineral touch that is rough-hewn yet elegant.

The rust finish exudes warmth and is a perfect choice for open-air settings where nature is a backdrop.

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