Fogia + Todd Bracher

Fragment: uncompromising balance of comfort, function and form

18/02/2021 - Fogia unveils Fragmenta brand new furniture concept developed in collaboration with the acclaimed New York-based Todd Bracher Studio. The launch of Fragment marks the first collaboration between Todd Bracher and Fogia.

Todd Bracher, who is celebrated for his clean, architectural and refined vernacular was introduced to Fogia by designer Luca Nichetto. Fogia and Bracher soon began a collaboration that has now resulted in Fragment a vast modular seating system defined by details that emphasize its versatile functionality. A defined-target group has deliberately not been set for Fragment, since the lines between the home and public space are becoming increasingly blurred.

Fogia + Todd Bracher 2

“Todd is a very unique designer. He’s American but his way of thinking about design and function has been influenced heavily by his time working in Europe. He thinks like we do but sees through different eyes, which has made this project really exciting to realize,” says Marcus Huber, CEO of Fogia.

In response to the rapidly changing ways we live and work, Fragment sums up our new everyday life, in which each module can be adapted as needed. Open plan architecture has brought with it the need for micro-architecture within a space, along with the need for privacy, particularly in the workspace segment, which is a central element of Fragment.

Fogia + Todd Bracher 3

“We need a connection to the environment and the people who use it. So, we gave the modules these gaps between the backrests so you can see they are being used. I’ve been referring to them as Glimpse Gaps,” explains Bracher.

The trademark of Fogia’s hand-crafted furniture is comfort, a quality that Bracher was keen to put to work at the core of Fragment.

“For some reason designers tend to fetishize design but not comfort. And I can’t help but wonder why comfort is not considered a driving design attribute. I wanted to use Fogia’s expertise in this area but also keep the materials used to a minimum, so the design is light and nimble,” continues Bracher.

Fogia + Todd Bracher 4

During the early stages of the R&D process it was decided to challenge traditional environments – both for the home and workplace, where seating is often very shallow or overly plush with cushions and textiles. So, the cushions in Fragment are tethered to the modules to maintain a maximum level of comfort. Throughout the development phase, the attention to detail has been rigorous in all respects, from top-quality natural materials to stitching and acoustic attributes.

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