For Community and for Solitude

MDD's acoustic solutions for all office requirements

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For Community and for Solitude
31/01/2019 - Acoustics is the main theme of MDD’s exhibition at the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair this year.The Hana and Hako acoustic booths by Dymitr Malcew ensure optimal conditions in modern space. More of his designs, the Kaiva lounge and the Gravity desk along with the Frank chair designed by Krystian Kowalski will also be introduced in the 120sqm stand. Hana by MDD

Hana by MDD

Malcew, who lives in Singapore, drew inspiration from Asian design and work culture. His purpose was to bring people together in the office in a way that felt both useful and organic, creating coworking spaces or places for quiet and solitude where needed.

He says: ‘During some of my projects Inoticed that they are often placed somewhere in the middle of the office and not used too often. Iconducted asurvey and Ifound out that it is caused by‘the aquarium effect’- using booths as abox that’s taken out of acontext- says Dymitr. That’s how the concept of the Hana acoustic booth was born. Its form ensures more visual and artistic privacy and becomes akind of an enclave in the office space’. Hako by MDD

Hako by MDD

Specializing in office furniture, MDD caters for all sort of businesses by creating customizable pieces which have decked out the likes of the White House and the Louvre. Both new collection and classic pieces will be at SFF in the A13:10 stand.

MDD on ArchiproductsKaiva by MDD

Kaiva by MDD

Frank by MDD

Frank by MDD

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