Form, Function and Emotion

GAN's empathic design through five different projects

11/03/2020 - The relationship between form and function remains the subject of research in the world of design. Always open to undertake unexplored paths and to travel them by the hand of great international designers, GAN reflects on the intersection between form and function and its inseparable link, talking about concepts such as empathy, responsibility, interaction, memory. A discourse developed based on technical and sustainable innovation and admiration for artisanal virtuosity, and that sees in each design piece an opportunity to generate emotions and connect spaces with people and their lives.
Form, Function and Emotion 2

That obsession to create observing behaviors and being sensitive to the needs of the user - to those of today and to those of tomorrow - has resulted in collections as MANGAS ORIGINAL and MANGAS SPACE, conceived by Patricia Urquiola taking as inspiration the woven sweaters woven by hand. Their carpets, modules and seats made of handloom looms and 100% virgin wool were selected by the designer herself to vertebrate the interiors of Kālida Sant Pau (annex to the Hospital de Sant Pau de Barcelona), giving them free way to convey their warmth “hugging” to the visitor in his refuge of well-being. Flexible, friendly and harmonious three-dimensional environments that make perfect sense when located in a building dedicated to offering emotional, practical and social support, free and open to anyone with cancer and their closest relatives.
Form, Function and Emotion 3

The sensitivity of GAN when imagining new designs has also materialized in real tributes to the raw material and to the wise hands of expert craftsmen. Models such as MIRAGE Orange - signed by Urquiola - BEREBER Natural and JAPAN Coral - designed by the GAN team - have been personally chosen by Norman Wonderly, Executive Director of Warner Bros. Records to transfer the charm of the handmade to a project of very contemporary style: the record offices in Los Angeles. In this space, the carpets - made entirely of wool, knot by knot, through the thorough technique of hand knotted - not only recover the unique value and richness of crafts, but also help to delineate the different areas of the space, becoming in connection and shelter elements. Each of them, with its own personality, textures and colors, attracts the eye and conveys the softness and quality of the materials, telling stories of ancient traditions and cultures.
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This conscious and attentive attitude of the brand is also evident in its dialogue with the spaces where its designs coexist. Listening to space is going beyond the mere function of dressing the “fifth wall”, it means generating shared environments and experiences. That’s the reason why the BANDAS series - a best seller conceptualized and developed by Urquiola - has been the ideal option, in its infinite variants and combinations, for a multitude of interiors with both collective and residential uses. On the one hand, we see how BANDAS rugs provide color and texture in tune with the rest of the elements, while inviting conversation in different common and open areas of two projects: the Regus offices in Tel Aviv and the headquarters of a digital agency in Los Angeles.
Form, Function and Emotion 5

On the other hand, the expressiveness and flexibility of BANDAS poufs, seats and chaise longues have been the natural choice in innovative collaborative workplaces where the boundaries between leisure and business are blurred. The experimental and coworking space Teikums de Riga - run by Lauder Architects -, the Candy Crush headquarters in Stockholm - owned by the architects Adolfsson & Partners - and the Hostelworld headquarters in Dublin - designed by Henry J. Lyons Architects - take advantage of the ingenious modularity and adaptability of these Urquiola designs for GAN, promoting evolving and versatile work environments. Multiple solutions for new ways of working: either offering corners to be inspired alone or as a team, dressing an entire room with its volume set, or complementing individual work stations with an area for improvised and informal meetings.

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