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WireRing and Blush Lamp. Light as an exercise of reduction

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19/04/2017 – Two different projects arising from the same concept: minimize the object thus creating sculptural and expressive light effects. WireRing and Blush Lamp: Formafantasma's projects for Flos.

'WireRing is an exercise of reduction. Design started from its essential components. The lamp gives most using the least’. Designers Andrea Trimarchi and Simone Farresin say. The object is made up of two separate elements: a custom electric wire coming with connectors powering a LED ring. The wire, often considered something to hide, is here central to the design. When packed, the lamp becomes minimal while when installed it reveals its sculptural features.

The relation man has with light transcends its function to become emotion. Light quality isn’t only measured based on its intensity. Lamps are designed to give light to the world but also to create shadows and intimacy’. Blush Lamp’ comes with a LED strip and a dichroic glass projecting colored reflections on walls as a solution to the lack of saturated colors during winter months. With its essential design and the careful use of light and color, ‘Blush Lamp’ recalls the memories of a summer day. Blush Lamp is available in three different finishings (aluminum, white and black) and several different dichroic colors.


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