Luca Guadagnino Designs the New FontanaArte Lamp

Frenesi is inspired by the idea of the wave, a sinuous glass ripple that emanates a soft light

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23/06/2022 - A glass wave emanates a soft light: the filmmaker Luca Guadagnino designs the new Frenesi lamp by FontanaArte.

The Frenesi lamp comes from the author's passion – filmmaker Luca Guadagnino - for art deco, a style he loves in all its declinations, particularly for the angularity, the design, the regular shapes of the lines that meet and intersect. Today, the FontanaArte collection is still a synthesis of art deco, which, in an Italian key, illuminates homes all over the world. The designer questioned the form to which he should strive in order to create an object that respected the stylistic expression of the era from which it was inspired but with a contemporary language.

This is how Frenesi was born, named after the protagonist of the novel Vineland by the American writer Thomas Pynchon, inspired by the idea of the wave, a sensual ripple, made of the purest and most sustainable material such as glass, which emanates a soft light within the angular structure.

Previewed in the 65cm wall version, Frenesi lamp lends itself to an extension of the range with the addition of different variations and sizes. Realised in collaboration with the glass experts 6:AM, which has conducted excellent research into the use of glass and technically developed the lamp which is composed of 19mm-thick glass sheets on a metal corner structure.

"FontanaArte is a magnificence of Made in Italy and represents Italian cosmopolitanism", says Luca Guadagnino. "Artists from all over the world have created unforgettable pieces over the years. A contamination of ideas, cultures, and visions, a set of identities that have resulted in all-Italian craftsmanship and savoir faire, which have created a collection of lamps that are part of design history. Designing alongside FontanaArte is a great wish come true and fills the entire studiolucaguadagnino with pride; I hope it is the beginning of a long-lasting collaboration.” 


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