From Metal-Mechanical Industry to Cutting-Edge Design

da a debuts at the 25th anniversary edition of 100% Design

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From Metal-Mechanical Industry to Cutting-Edge Design
16/09/2019 - After two consecutive years at the Salone del Mobile in Milan, “da a” is gearing up to attend 100% Design at the Olympia, London between 18-21 September 2019.

The London Design Festival's flagship event is the largest and longest-running design trade show for industry professionals in the UK. This year’s edition will be an unmissable destination for design and innovation with an array of thought-provoking features.

“Our mission is to develop, design, create an idea of industrial craftsmanship, with roots embedded in the creativity of Apulian traditions and know-how, and to spread it throughout the world. We believe in the importance of keeping an eye on environmental impact, and for this reason we continue to work with recyclable and intrinsically natural materials such as metals and minerals from a contemporary and sustainable perspective, thus facing the challenge of projecting this age-old heritage into the design of the future,” says Bruna Taurino, Project Manager of “da a”.

“da a” is to showcase the signature pieces from its collection, with a special focus on what is considered to be its crown jewel: unique and exclusive hand-crafted finishes on metal, in perfect harmony between cutting-edge design, industrial know-how and ancient wisdom. In its Art Director Anna Laneve’s words, “da a” is a visual and tactile experience, which cannot but strike a chord in hearts.

The special finishes
Thanks to the meticulous studies carried out by experts in its in-house Research Centre, “da a” has developed exclusive finishes on metal after meticulous study and skilful recovery of the ancient techniques used by Chinese dynasties more than 3,000 years ago. The special finishes, created in our laboratories and entirely hand-crafted by our Master Artisans, yield genuine results on metal and are obtained through the application of only natural ingredients, among which plant extracts and resins, precious stones like malachite and lapis lazuli, red cinnabar, mineral salts, brass, copper, bronze and many more. Treated with specific heating, combustion, smoking and decoction techniques, our special finishes transform every piece in a unique work of art with unrepeatable textures.

Trame, poufs and coffee tables, design by Angeletti Ruzza

Trame, a collection of poufs and tables for indoor and outdoor use designed by Silvana Angeletti and Daniele Ruzza, is born from a well-expressed contrast; a sort of oxymoron. “Working on the perception of metal, which inevitably suggests an idea of solidity and sturdiness, to make it more feminine, welcoming and gentle so that it would actually recall fabric with all its lightness and wispiness, was the leitmotif that gave life to the Trame collection”, the designers confirm. The laser-cutting and calendering processes have been placed at the service of lightness and comfort, with the presence of a central ring that seems almost suspended. All of this would have been impossible without the precious experience possessed by “da a”, which actually succeeded in undergoing a transition from the metal-mechanical industry with its masculine and rational vision into a company that processes the same material but from a more delicate and harmonious point of view.

Metella, cabinets, design by DEBONADEMEO

A collection of metal containers, whose forms recall the charm of the well-acclaimed mid-20th century salons and Ancient Roman architecture decorated with mouldings. Metella, designed Dario De Meo and Luca De Bona, is born from the contrast between the compactness of the iron casing, which responds to functional needs, and the prismatic curves of the extremities. The collection is composed of three cabinets of different shapes and size, which share the common detail of the segmented curvatures, from the extension of which the support structure emerges. This peculiar feature, as well as the chromatic reliefs caused by the mechanical characteristics of the bending process, demonstrates and concretizes the mission of “da a”, characterized by the encounter between the production of heavy-duty machinery and design. The end result is a collection with an intense visual effect and vintage allure, with a play of chiaroscuro that constantly alters the overall perception.

Rock, seat collection, design by Marc Sadler

The Rock family keeps growing: the new entry is the three-legged chair with the punched seat riveted to the frame, bearing the signature of Marc Sadler. Presented for the first time at the Salone del Mobile in 2018, the Rock chair is now enriched with new features and accompanied by new entries including the chair and the lounge chair in the more classic version with four legs. Nonetheless, its spirit that draws on a post-industrial image and its material have remained unaltered: all Rock chairs are in fact made of treated aluminium suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments and enriched, on request, with a precious leather cushion integrated to the seat by means of fasteners that reproduce the characteristic look of the riveted metal chair. In its creator’s words, “The three-legged chair is an anti-conformist, contrary to conventions and common sense. With its distinctive mark – the T-shaped back leg – the Rock chair pays homage to the fork of the legendary Harley Davidson, as well as being inspired by post-industrial structures such as the Eiffel Tower or the fuselage of an old airplane model.”

Fit, modular bookcase system, design by Marc Sadler

Both a versatile character and a rigorous design are the main features of Fit, the open bookcase system with multiple rectangular components that allow variable modularity patterns according to whether it’s positioned horizontally or vertically. It adapts to both residential contexts fitting perfectly in the living room just as in the kitchen, and the public sector in retail, office and hospitality solutions. Made from steel and available in numerous finishes as well as painted, it is enriched with a series of metal and leather accessories, which can be purchased separately, to further enhance its versatility.

Tra-guardo, cabinets, design by Marta Laudani & Marco Romanelli

To look through is an act that human curiosity cannot refrain from doing, as in looking through a keyhole, peeking behind a divider or imagining the lives hidden behind the ajar shutters of a house. Stimulating curiosity is precisely the aim of the Tra-guardo cabinet collection, designed for those who are keen on showcasing their objects, but at the same time protecting them, both physically and psychologically. A material like sheet metal, which is considered to be elementary, is skilfully enriched by the twisted sequences or the unprecedented laser fretwork, passing from the world of mechanical engineering into the long-lost world of lace.

I-Tube, tables, design by Ce Studio

I-Tube, a round table designed by Ce Studio and presented last year for the first time, keeps growing and renewing itself, now becoming a full-fledged family. The collection has been enriched with tables and coffee tables with tops in different shapes and sizes, all of which are customizable. Distinguished by its sculptural presence and innovative design inspired by juxtapositions, as demonstrated by the contrast between the 5 mm thick metal top and the elongated and curved cylindrical shape of the bases, the collection offers a sublime play of contrast that is further emphasized in the versions brandishing different finishes for the base and the top.

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