From Paris Streets to New-Zealand Wool

The new rugs collection by Un Tapis à Paris

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From Paris Streets to New-Zealand Wool
06/09/2019 - Made according to the principles of traditional tapestry, the rug by the French brand Un Tapis à Paris is designed by a collective of Parisian designers, professionals of interior design.
With new collection presented in Paris, visuals and materials are being renewed responding to creators’ wishes. Combining an original offer and French and Portuguese manufactures known for their craftmanship, the rug is conceived as a quality piece in a limited edition.

The new collection weaves the patterns of kinetic art with exotic inspirations. Children will be able to awake with animals in smoothness shapes. The rugs of this collection are spun from 95% cotton and 5% wool in order to ensure the greatest delicacy dedicated to the younger ones.
The rug is renewed, it entirely settles into the atmosphere of a space. Sometimes it is vibrant, sometimes it is bold, it becomes the central element of a refined decoration. Un Tapis à Paris offers in every project an attentive ear to better meet the needs with the current environment of the customers.

Tufted. Knotted. The New-Zealand wool binds to silk and bamboo in order to present at its best the views of Paris. The rug Un Tapis à Paris remains a suitable mix of certified quality and affordable prices.
The streets and landmarks give their names to each rug : Rue de la VerrerieAvenue de Versailles, Place des Fêtes. Avenues, boulevards, places or even gardens, we discover the city of Light through the colours of the materials it inspired.

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From Paris Streets to New-Zealand Wool

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