Gago: The Aviator Look

Dam's tribute to Portuguese heritage

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Gago: The Aviator Look
05/02/2019 - Gago by DAM is inspired by the shape of an aviator helmet, while its arms follow the curves of the wings of a floatplane. Gago by DAM

Gago by DAM

Designed by Hugo Silva and Joana Santos, the Gago armchair is built in solid ash, oak or walnut, with the upholstery resting on a platform of turned wooden beams. The base of the GAGO chair is designed to create a sensation of propelling its user into a new adventure. Gago by DAM

Gago by DAM

The rocking chair is DAM’s loving homage to the first aerial crossing of the South Atlantic realized in 1922 by the pilot Sacadura Cabral and the navigator Gago Coutinho. these Portuguese adventurers created connections that enriched the world. On the back of the chairs is the inscription '1922, 8383 km', recording this historic milestone of the aeronautics that linked Lisbon to Rio de Janeiro.

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Gago by DAM

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