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Rugs, spaces and accessories to define spaces and provide a comfortable and welcoming team environment

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25/01/2023 - GAN rugs, spaces and accessories help define workspaces by providing a comfortable and welcoming team environment.

Today a new trend has prevailed in which comfort and creativity take precedence, blurring the dichotomy between work and home. The fact is that feeling comfortable is vital when it comes to better performance, and companies know this. So when choosing their workspaces, they have to look beyond the furniture and accessories: lighting, colours, and finishes also help create inspiring atmospheres. 
Bandas Space by Patricia Urquiola 2

Bandas Space by Patricia Urquiola

A designer rug helps define these spaces, providing a comfortable and welcoming environment for the team. Whether a classic structure or an original shape, the carpet can fill the room, giving it more dimension and visual appeal. By creating an attractive and calm workspace, performance and productivity are maximized. GAN rugs, accessories and spaces convey the feeling of working in a friendly environment that contributes to a peaceful atmosphere. 

GAN’s designs combine all the properties of the rugs while providing warmth and a touch of colour. Their distinctively contemporary design is based on traditional craftsmanship as a fundamental part of its catalogue. 

Leaving behind the cold and austere minimalism of the past, GAN collections are gaining prominence in offices worldwide, which are committed to making their workers feel ‘at home’. 

A creative alliance: GAN x HAWORTH COLLECTION 
As a result of its strategic alliance with Haworth – a global company focused on creating organic workspaces – GAN has strengthened its commitment to using rugs in the workspace, breaking away from traditional seriousness and promoting free and creative environments. 

Haworth Collection includes, since 2016, a selection of rugs and poufs designed by Patricia Urquiola and made by GAN exclusively for Haworth. The two brands are committed to delivering high-performing products for heavily trafficked areas while providing warmth, colour and uniqueness to each room, indoors or outdoors. 
Haworth Degrade by Patricia Urquiola 3

Haworth Degrade by Patricia Urquiola

DEGRADE by Patricia Urquiola is simple and elegant, and it enhances wherever it is located thanks to its surprising gradient of colours, chosen with a mastery that characterizes its designer. 

Another of her creations, PATCH, adapts perfectly to the working environment thanks to the material in which it is made, recycled PET. Its design forms interesting square patterns and is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. 

Designing Empathic Workspaces
, the company that reinvented the concept of coworking worldwide, adapting its offices to the needs of each individual, has dressed its Amsterdam headquarters with MANGAS SPACE. Designs such as BANDAS SPACE, also by Urquiola, take modularity to the limit, bringing flexibility to new offices such as Capital One Lab in San Francisco. 
Zoe sool by Daria Zinovatnaya 4

Zoe sool by Daria Zinovatnaya

For spaces such as offices or meeting rooms, choosing rugs with a solid graphic presence gives them a particular identity. GAN’s kilims, flat and light rugs, thanks to the weft of fibres covering the warp of yarns, are suitable for this purpose. ZOE SOOL, designed by Daria Zinovatnaya, expresses the importance of form and colour in their purest states through Bauhaus and Russian suprematism inspiration. 

While CATANIA by Sandra Figuerola manages to set its own pace in an open-plan space, such as the headquarters of the leading company in sound quality, Beats by Dr Dre, in Culver City, California. 

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Bandas Space by Patricia Urquiola 5

Bandas Space by Patricia Urquiola

Haworth- Mangas by Patricia Urquiola 6

Haworth- Mangas by Patricia Urquiola

Haworth Patch by Patricia Urquiola 7

Haworth Patch by Patricia Urquiola

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