Gandiablasco with Søren Rose

The essence of the “hygge” concept projected into the Mediterranean

27/05/2020 - Søren Rose will bring the essence of the “hygge” concept to GANDIABLASCO. Curious and restless, he defines himself as a “minimalist materialist” by praising the double function that, according to him, any design should have: innovation with style.

The collaboration between Rose and GANDIABLASCO has materialized in a new collection that will be released soon and that stands out for its minimalist features. It will be a compact and versatile series, specially designed to turn an outdoor environment into an intimate and cozy experience. Its seating elements and tables have an aluminum structure with a sober design that starts from a grid joined together with simple bars and curved edges.
Gandiablasco with Søren Rose 2

Your new collection for GANDIABLASCO exemplifies the foundations of your work: style, aesthetic sensitivity and sustainability. How is sustainability such an essential value in your designs?
Sustainability has always been at the core of Søren Rose Studio. When we design a new product, we always strive to create something new, but above all, it will last for many years thanks to its quality and design. The complete circle in sustainability occurs when the manufacturer and the designer have the same objective, as has been the case in this collaboration with GANDIABLASCO.

You define yourself as a materialistic minimalist. What is the priority in your style?
That is, although being materialistic seems to be a contradiction with being minimalist. Over the years I have been developing a kind of filter to determine if a piece can find its place in my life. It has to be something that fulfills an important function and makes my days easier – from a knife to a sofa—, que tenga un valor sentimental para mí —like my father’s old watch—, or that has aesthetic value, like a sculpture. If that element is not in any of these three categories, it means that it cannot be part of my life. For me, it is a matter of priorities, rather than being minimalist or not.
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How does New York inspire you?
I lived in New York for 10 years. It was a fantastic experience moving to America with the Scandinavian style as a background, to arrive and combine it with the industrial and contemporary design seen in the United States. In Denmark I grew up seeing the Louis Poulsen lamp placed on the dining table in every house; while in New York everyone wants a unique piece at their table. I love that diversity, as I find it inspiring to see how we don’t all live the same way.

Do you think the Scandinavian influence in your style connects with the essence of GANDIABLASCO?
I have always admired GANDIABLASCO for its courage in pursuing a minimalist look and feel, which has always been part of its aesthetics, and at the same time bring an artistic element to its pieces to connect modern architecture with usability. Being Scandinavian, I have always had the feeling that this brand spoke directly to me; We share the same philosophy, key to success in our collaboration.
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What do you want to convey with this collection?
As a designer you always work to invent something that does not exist. It is like a constant struggle to find a purpose or a need that gives you the solution to a problem. With GANDIABLASCO we have tried to combine its minimalist universe with the Danish concept “hygge”, a philosophy of life that encourages you to enjoy simple and relaxed plans with the people you love. We hope that our collection has soul and speaks to people.

You take extreme care of quality and details. We will be able to see in this new collection your particular vision of outdoor furniture.
The main objective of the collection was to create a lounge style line that spoke the language of relaxation and in connection with outdoor spaces. Likewise, we have tried to make very clean designs that allow users or interior architects to choose the surfaces and the color of the fabric according to their preferences.
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What has been the biggest challenge you have faced when developing this outdoor collection?
The environment is changing, causing climate changes that can be a real challenge when creating pieces for outdoor spaces. The elements have to be able to withstand the wear caused by these unusual and extreme weather conditions. It is for this reason that we have invested a lot of time in eliminating any weakness that our design may have in this regard. Thanks to this work and the extensive knowledge of GANDIABLASCO in the manufacture of high-quality outdoor furniture, we have been able to meet our objective.

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