Garbarino at Maison&Objet 2018

Elegance and eclecticism in Paris

09/01/2018 - GARBARINO confirms its attendance to the 2018 Maison&Objet Paris, the international trade fair dedicated to home design and furnishing. 2018 is plenty of evolutions for the company, which attends the event with concepts and designs that will mark its history.

They are not only refined and functional creations but also experiences and inspirations taking shape through a careful study of colour and material. The intent of GARBARINO, which was born as a gathering of the best pieces created by Adriano Garbarino throughout 40 years as an interior design based in Monte-Carlo, is to remind us that we are all part of nature: this is an inexhaustible source of inspiration from which the company extracts four themes (earth, water, fire, air) identifying the selection of colours and materials. The stained woods, lacquers, metals, leathers, are selected to coexist as in a landscape. They are complementary to each other creating a field rich of stimuli intimately linked, thus simplifying choices and combinations for unique Interior design projects.

With their pure lines, refined combinations of materials, modular nature thanks to their conception, all our creations meet a common goal: fashioning an atmosphere of timeless elegance. Discover an eclectic collection freed from borders and established conventions, inspired by the multitude of projects and journeys that led us to different continents. Consider each one of our creations as a unique work, adaptable to suit your needs in terms of dimensions as well as materials and colors. In order to provide you with high-end products, all our creations are now manufactured in Italy, where craftsmanship and passion for quality are still perpetuated. Deeply linked to culture and language, the colour is a powerful means of expression. In secret, it influences our behaviour. It stimulates us, and through a subtle alchemy pushes us bringing out from memory, places, images and feelings. Inseparable from the light, without which no perception would be possible in nature, the colour is part of our daily life. It is thanks to the contrast created by light and shadow that the volume, material and colour are highlighted. From the nature, inexhaustible source of inspiration, we took the four themes identifying our selection of colours and materials: earth, water, fire and air. The natural woods, stained or varnished, the lacquers, metals, leathers, are as in a landscape designed to coexist. They integrate and complement each other, creating a work base rich in stimuli intimately linked, facilitating choices and combinations, leading to the definition of individual projects.

Passion and quality have always been the cornerstone of all high-level creations beyond trends. Passion is the main motive opening new horizons to creativity, while quality guarantees an intrinsic value against the challenge of time. As in a fabric texture composed of insights and interpretations, our creations take shape thanks to the skill and passion of expert hands; able to work together while respecting their traditions and at the same time open to new technological experiences. Those hands turn out competent and inventive, aware of the opportunity to give new nobility to the creative language.

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