Sculptural, Practical and Versatile Furniture by Giorgetti

Flowing lines and pure volumes design the collection by Silvia Musetti, while plays of light, shadows and transparencies create the cabinet by HBA

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23/05/2024 - Cosmopolitan inspirations and new languages design the Giorgetti furnishings of the 2024 collection, interpreting the needs of contemporary living for a total interior design project. Presented are the valet, bench and console from the Liz collection, by the designer Sivia Musetti and the Hikari bar cabinet and sideboard by the HBA design studio

Giorgetti furnishings from Liz collection by Silvia Musetti

The valet stand, bench and console make up this family, whose soft silhouette brings to life a range of products with graceful geometries that will help you organise your bedroom or entrance area. Furnishing elements that play with the concept of ‘insert’ in a material and formal encounter of great balance and refinement.
Liz valet - top view 2Pin it

Liz valet - top view

Liz-valet is a sculptural object that impresses with its versatility and practicality, offering a unique showpiece for the home. A sinuous, compact island made up of two cylinders of different heights: the lower one, 102.5 cm high, in walnut with a leather top, and the upper one, 123 cm high, covered with leather and equipped with an optional sensor which, with the movement of a foot, provides a backlight for the onyx top, enhancing its fine grain.

The top always has a slightly raised edge to create a sort of tray onto which you can empty your pockets and store small objects. Like two graphic symbols, the trouser bar and the metal hanger rod, covered with non-slip leather, complete the valet stand.
Liz bench by Silvia Musetti 3Pin it

Liz bench by Silvia Musetti

The fluid lines and the purity of the volumes characterise Liz-bench and Liz-console. Cylindrical legs of different diameters, one covered in walnut and the other in leather or fabric, support an elliptical top composed of two layers, a lower one in leather and an upper one in Canaletto walnut.

The latter is designed as a multi-functional platform with an onyx disc on one of the two legs with a storage function and integrated lighting, as in the valet stand. 
Liz console by Silvia Musetti 4Pin it

Liz console by Silvia Musetti

Comfort and functionality are combined in the bench thanks to the upholstered seat, which is set into the top, echoing the organic shapes that characterise the collection. The console, on the other hand, features a leather undertop.

Giorgetti furnishings - Hikari by HBA

Volumes and transparencies, plays of light, shadow and perspective characterise the new Hikari bar cabinet and sideboard designed by HBA- Hirsch Bedner Associates, which, since 1965, has been the largest and most important international player in hospitality design. 

Hikari is a design characterised by versatility, an elegant companion for living rituals, combining storage and display functions. A storage/bar cabinet and display case at the same time, it is a cabinet of curiosities, a place to show off collections, cherished objects and precious sculptures and build a scene in which to showcase your passions. 
Hikari detail 5Pin it

Hikari detail

With a lightweight metal structure and profiles, the cabinets are closed on one side by an ash door that conceals smoked glass shelves, backlit by an LED light to highlight the contents. On the other, they feature a drawer and an open volume, a stage with a leather base that can also be used as a shelf for preparing cocktails, framed by glass backdrops with metal profiles of different widths that follow one another in an alternation of solids and voids. The mirrored interior enhances its theatrical qualities.

A collection that expresses the material sensibility and attention to detail shared by HBA and Giorgetti which, through a careful selection of colours, textures and materials, aims to create a link between man and product, offering a sensory experience involving sight and touch. An example of this is the back-printed, shaded and tempered annealed glass top, characterised by light ripples with a subtle wave effect, transparent in the open compartment and opaque above the closed compartment to prevent light from filtering through. Optionally, the sideboard can be equipped to integrate a mini-bar

“Every element in this collection - commented Chris Godfrey, CEO of HBA - reflects the crucial role that craftsmanship plays in our designs. HBA’s partnership with Giorgetti is the result of this shared mission and desire to create products that are not just design objects, but works of art” .
Hikari by HBA 6Pin it

Hikari by HBA

Giorgetti on Archiproducts
Liz valet by Silvia Musetti 7Pin it

Liz valet by Silvia Musetti

Liz bench detail 8Pin it

Liz bench detail

Liz console detail 9Pin it

Liz console detail

Liz valet detail 10Pin it

Liz valet detail

Liz bench detail 11Pin it

Liz bench detail

Liz bench - seat detail 12Pin it

Liz bench - seat detail

Hikari sideboard detail 13Pin it

Hikari sideboard detail

Hikari base detail 14Pin it

Hikari base detail

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