Glass Turns Into Design

SkLO @ Maison&Objet in Paris

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Glass Turns Into Design
04/09/2019 - This September, in conjunction with Paris Design Week, glass/lighting design and manufacturing brand SkLO will be returning to the Maison&Objet Fair in Paris for its 14th exhibition there. BLOOM Wallpiece

BLOOM Wallpiece

SkLO will be presenting a curated display which includes designs and installations from both its lighting collection SkLO : LIT and its accessories collection SkLO : OBJECT.

The SkLO Stand will include an installation of BLOOM Wallpieces. Part of the SkLO : OBJECT collection, the BLOOM Wallpiece has not been previously shown by SkLO in Paris. Consisting of an organic composition of individual glass bubbles, BLOOM is composed while hot on the glassblower’s pipe. DOUBLE Vessels

DOUBLE Vessels

The color palette is a blue palette, consisting of blues and smoke colors in transparent glass. Carefully cut and ground to produce a flat surface, the BLOOM lay flat against the wall, making use of simple universal hardware to mount it. Available in three sizes, BLOOM Wallpieces are a compelling design for walls and vertical surfaces in today’s interiors.

Also being shown in Paris for the first time are the DOUBLE Vessels. Two individually handblown tapering glass vessels are joined together, back-to-back, while hot. The two halves of each DOUBLE Vessel are of two different complimentary colors. The mouths at each end are cut to a bias and highly polished. DOUBLE Vessels

DOUBLE Vessels

“The DOUBLE Vessels are such a strong expression of the skill of the Czech glassblowers behind the glass at SkLO,” Says SkLO Design Partner, Karen Gilbert, “They are also another example of the two-toned/two-part design idea which we have been exploring for a long time within the SkLO collections. I love the ability to expand on the ability glass has to express color, to add color to spaces, and bringing two colors together in one piece just makes it that much more sophisticated.”

As part of its presentation, SkLO will also be showing two new bestselling designs which were introduced at the January Maison & Objet Fair. Making their return this September will be the CRESCENT Vessels and the VIEW Bowls.

SkLO will be exhibiting at Maison & Objet, the premier global home and design fair, in Paris, September 6-10, in the TODAY section, Hall 6, Stand N20. 

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