Gordon Guillaumier + Desalto

The new art director of the brand designs the Lake table made up of ceramics and steel

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Gordon Guillaumier + Desalto
03/05/2018 - A wave of passion and emotions is crossing Desalto, currently living a moment of contemplation and privileged vision on what is happening. This is demonstrated by the new showroom at Largo Augusto in Milan, the promotion of Gordon Guillaumier as new art director, the research of new materials giving shape to new projects. Among these Lake, the table designed by Gordon Guillaumier.

‘For Lake I worked on the idea of a big table designed with a curved and soft trait’, the designer tells. ‘The concepts of linearity and softness are expressed through two different materials: ceramics for the oval top, steel for the very simple structure. This project reflects the DNA of the brand in its being simple, essential as well as in its approach to design’.

Choosing Gordon Guillaumier as art director marks for Desalto a new design path. On the one side a company getting its inspiration from metal, forged and moulded in order to obtain fixed and balanced shapes, on the other side a designer with an intellectual and conceptual approach, who loves approaching its projects by starting from the research to come to the shape. A meeting giving life to a philosophy prone to research and discovery, rather than to caution and preservation. It is in this way that the original ability to work steel, in the passage from one generation to the other, becomes the instrument with which you can imagine new forms of living.

Desalto on ARCHIPRODUCTSLake, Desalto

Lake, Desalto

Gordon Guillaumier_photo © Archiproducts

Gordon Guillaumier_photo © Archiproducts

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Gordon Guillaumier new art director of Desalto
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