Haberdashery Flood Colour into Your Space

Latest lamp collections on show at Maison&Objet

13/01/2020 - In a world dominated by white light, Haberdashery introduces bold colour with their collections of contemporary lighting products. Launching at Maison&Objet in Paris is the ‘Wall Mounted’ version of the award-winning ‘Dawn to Dusk’ lamp; a metre-wide solar disk bringing sunrise and sunset into your home on a grand scale. Also celebrating the joy of colour are the ‘Introvert Extrovert’ and ‘After Dark’ pendants.
Wall Mounted Dawn to Dusk
Evoking the memory of our nearest star and measuring an impressive 1m in diameter, the Wall Mounted Dawn to Dusk is made of a single piece of Corian®, the beautiful soft-touch surface material by DuPont. It casts rich, vibrant light from deep red, through warm orange tones all the way to 2700k white light; just like the rising sun, all beautifully diffused across its surface. “We wanted to bring a sense of drama created by the sun flooding into your space, bleeding across every surface. Homes can be seas of white and sometimes life is just far more varied and exciting than that.”, explains Ben Rigby, Creative Director + Co-founder from Haberdashery.
Introvert Extrovert
The Introvert Extrovert glass pendant can display two unique states of being; an introverted state where the inner disk is illuminated in white light or a more flamboyant flush of colour across its larger oval glass form. Designed to work alone or in clusters, this sense of duality can be played with until you have the perfect balance for any time of day depending on your mood
After Dark
The After Dark pendant draws on our memories of the city at night; bright colour bokeh patterns that reflect off the myriad of engineered glass facades that make up the modern urban environment. Each pendant recreates the beautiful bokeh effects across its four glass sides creating a sumptuous atmosphere whilst casting warm white task light onto the surface below; the perfect balance of intimacy and usability.

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