Happy b-day, Qeeboo!

The brand founded by Stefano Giovannoni celebrates its fifth anniversary

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19/03/2021 - Qeeboo is celebrating its fifth anniversary with a new project dedicated to its most irreverent products. The young company founded by Stefano Giovannoni presents a brand new video in which objects interact with people, giving rise to ever-changing visions. Curated by Tommaso Ottomano, the video is based on a photo shoot by Russian fashion photographer Elena Iv-skaya. A series of 20 images narrate the brand's products and its spirit between design, fashion, imagination, creativity, mystery and irony.
Presented at the 2106 Salone del Mobile, the brand has created unexpected imagery over the years, transforming objects into fairytales. Under Giovannoni's careful supervision, different sensibilities and styles come together with the common goal of offering functional products that arouse emotions and stimulate the imagination.
Qeeboo transforms objects into fairy tales. Furniture and lighting are playfully reinterpreted by some of the most exciting names in international design, like Marcantonio, Studio Job, Marcel Wanders, Nika Zupanc, Front, and Andrea Branzi, who create irreverent objects that transcend function, dimension, and scale.
Five years ago we felt the need to found a new brand that had the aim of bringing objects into homes that are able to excite, instilling identity in the home environment", says Giovannoni."Qeeboo's creations have as their characteristic the desire to awaken atmospheres of magic and human warmth in the everyday context.

Qeeboo summarizes and reinterprets the icons of our imagination with fantastic language, giving them an original image, to create a collection of smart and surprising objects.
Versatile objects that appeal to different targets, by their nature suitable for different situations and contexts. Objects out of the ordinary, deliberately not bourgeois and elitist but accessible to all, are offered to a heterogeneous audience in terms of age and culture.

With these premises, over the years collaborations have been developed with designers who shared this vision by adopting a figurative and narrative language capable of breaking through the public's imagination. The results of this narrative expressiveness have been unexpected for ourselves, with ever-increasing success, giving rise to a large collection of objects in terms of scale, type, colors and finishes: maxi-giraffes hold up antique chandeliers. Turtles balance between books and coffee tables. Bears, rabbits and gorillas illuminate domestic space". 
Happy b-day, Qeeboo! 2

Qeeboo dedicates its fifth anniversary video to its most iconic products. "Qeeboo objects are often characterized by strong concepts that let them work on different scales. For this reason, our communications needed to have our objects interact with a real person who could highlight their dimensions and poetics.
Five years after our birth, we reflected on the possibility of developing something new. Capturing images has always been part of our business, after the collaboration with Elena Iv-Skaya, we wanted to measure ourselves with something different, the production of a video that would make our products interact with characters and sounds in the dynamic rhythm of our growth”.

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