Happy Susto by BD Barcelona

The Jaime Hayon’s unmistakable character and humour

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Happy Susto by BD Barcelona
19/04/2017 - Little decorative items have been part of BD’s catalogue since Ettore Sottsass drafted the Shiva vase back in 1973. Little architectural pieces is what the master called them, which have naturally paralleled larger furniture items, but not less important due to their size.

Among them is the humble water bottle designed by Josep M. Jujol, the imperfect vases by Xavier Mañosa, or the more iconic Showtime series by Jaime Hayon. Now BD inaugurate a ceramic collection which carries Jaime Hayon’s unmistakable character and humour. It’s called Happy Susto (fright in English) and is made in a couple of sizes, colours and finishes.

An abundance of talent can be found in them, just the same as can be found in the pieces supporting them such as a cabinet. Their purpose is a decorative one, although for us, they carry an emotional and artistic value. 

They are timeless and with the passing of time they continue to add designs to a collection that continues to grow in importance within the range they have on offer. Several months ago they presented BD's chandelier REmix collection by Curro Claret, and now BD presented Happy Susto. 

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