Minimal and Fluid Spaces for a Villa in Lazise

HDsurface's GeoOutdoor and GeoOutdoor surfaces cover the interiors and exteriors of the home, in materic and visual continuity

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12/02/2024 - "Minimal concrete" is the definition of the new project with HDsurface tiles as the protagonists: the restyling of a villa in Lazise, with clean lines and a contemporary style that melts harmoniously with the surrounding landscape. 

Simplicity unites with elegance, and clean design blends with the natural beauty of Lazise, creating a luxury retreat that captures the essence of life on the lake. Large sliding glass windows invite natural light to embrace the interior spaces, creating a fluid connection between indoors and outdoors. The indoor/outdoor continuity is ulteriorly accentuated by the flooring, made entirely of two HDsurface tiles: on one side GeoOutdoor, on the other GeoTexture.

Designed for outdoor use, GeoOutdoor is the HDsurface proposal used to cover the terrace, fire place and board areas. A proposal that creates an effect of continuous and harmonious surfaces with a contemporary look that characterize each project thanks to a wide range of colors and a distinct textural effect. GeoOutdoor combines ease of use with high mechanical strength: it is breathable, resistant to atmospheric agents and temperature changes, waterproof and non-slip, it is eco-friendly and does not contain any substances dangerousl to humans or the environment. Defined by the same textural touch, GeoTexture covers all the interior floors in the same beige color to create visual continuity. One of the bathrooms, instead, is dressed with GeoTexture in an earthy coloration also on the walls and sink cabinet. A ready-to-use monolithic coating, GeoTexture is an easy-to-apply mortar that requires no mixing or catalysis, offering new possibilities in the creation of do-it-yourself surfaces for professional contractors. Breathable and solvent-free, it is a safe and eco-friendly product that binds different volumes like a homogeneous, continuous skin with strong visual and tactile materiality. Thanks to its simplicity of use and the wide range of colors available to choose from the ColorSystem palette, GeoTexture is the perfect solution for renovated the aesthetics of interiors and bringing to life surfaces with a very high decorative level. HDsurface on ARCHIPRODUCTS

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