Here Today, Here Tomorrow: 75th Anniversary of the 1006 Navy Chair

Emeco introduces three new additions to the Navy Collection @ Neocon 2019

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Here Today, Here Tomorrow: 75th Anniversary of the 1006 Navy Chair
04/06/2019 - In the throes of WWII, the U.S. Navy needed a place to sit. They commissioned a chair that was lightweight, non-corrosive, fire resistant and torpedo proof. Emeco took on the challenge, and in 1944 the 1006 Navy Chair was born.

Handcrafted from 80% salvaged aluminum using a unique 77-step process, it was tested to last 150 years. Over time, the humble 1006 Navy Chair has become a design classic; a utilitarian product engineered for a purpose, it earned the respect of architects and designers who recognized its unique qualities and chose the timeless, well-made American chair that thrives in any environment. Today, we still make the Navy Chair the same way at our factory in Hanover, PA, and we’re proud to see it in hotels, restaurants, work places, schools and homes worldwide.

"Back in WWII, tremendous consideration went into each chair we made, from material design and engineering, to crafting. This is why our chairs stood the test of time. Today, we continue to make chairs that live up to the standards that we inherited from our founders, with a vision to make a difference. We believe our history is our future", Gregg Buchbinder, Chairman, Emeco

The idea of using waste material and environmentally responsible resources to create and build simple, timeless furniture is deeply ingrained in Emeco’s heritage. In 2010, Emeco collaborated with Coca-Cola and broke new ground with the introduction of the 111 Navy Chair – a version of the classic design made from recycled plastic bottles. By recent count, the 111 Navy Chair has kept nearly 33 million discarded plastic bottles out of the landfill. This year, we extend the family with the 111 Navy Mini – the past seats the future.

To coincide with our 75th anniversary, we also introduce the Navy Wood Chair – a solid wood version of the original that brings a new expression in a highly appreciated natural material. With its smooth touch and feeling of warmth, the Navy Wood Chair comes in three finishes; White Oak, Black-Stained Oak and Walnut - all locally sourced from sustainably managed forests and crafted in collaboration with our Amish wood crafting neighbors in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

In addition, Jasper Morrison has given our upholstered Navy Officer Collection a fresh, light and modern update – prepared to be of service for the next 75 years.This collection has long been used for working and dining in settings where an extra level of comfort and durability is demanded. Jasper Morrison has made this classic chair relevant for today, whilst remaining true to its original look, character and material - recycled aluminum.Here Today, Here Tomorrow: 75th Anniversary of the 1006 Navy Chair

Here Today, Here Tomorrow: 75th Anniversary of the 1006 Navy Chair

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