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New light sculptures and systems by SATTLER

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06/10/2020 - German lighting manufacturer SATTLER produces luminaires with high attention to detail and a modular, individual character. Besides sculptural luminaires, such as the new Evolution, the focus is on universally applicable lighting systems. Furthermore, Favo is now available in the variant The Light Cell. SATTLER shows a broad spectrum of different designs for working environments, foyers, private areas, hotels and much more. 
Evolution - a new elegant light sculpture that impressively illuminates rooms
A room-spanning, striking luminaire with lots of charisma - this is how the new Evolution pendant luminaire looks when suspended in high rooms, staircases or floating above meeting tables. Played in a sophisticated way, a room acquires character. An effective design solution is premiered by SATTLER, based in Göppingen near Stuttgart: Evolution, a new type of pendant luminaire on the basis of a clever plug-in system. The horizontal basic element forms a narrow tube, which connects the somewhat more dominant cylindrical lighting elements in a way that conceals the screws. As a pendant luminaire with up to three elements, it creates a luminous sculpture, which generates a private and strikingly stylish room ambience. The elegantly matt surface radiates warmth and emotion, as well as the direct and indirect light, which emanates in brilliant quality from both sides of the two tubes. It is typical for SATTLER to think one step further: Evolution is also available as a matching spot in a surface-mounted or semi-recessed variant. 
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"The development of the new Evolution luminaire series meets the core of our product philosophy: The combination of a very decorative, sculptural luminaire with state-of-the-art technology that emanates first-class light, directed through a lens. This creates a high-quality lighting atmosphere in the room", says Ulrich Sattler, Managing Director and in charge of product development, about the new design.
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Favo The Light Cell - flexible light structure in the interior
Favo is an Italian word and literally means honeycomb. The underlying idea is that from the smallest unit, the big whole is created through interaction. This thought, in cooperation with blocher partners, has led SATTLER to the design of the hexagonal, honeycomb structure as the core framework of the Favo series, which is characterized by a luminaire head in each node. The variant Favo The Light Cell is equipped with a direct LED spot that emits the light at an angle of 24°. An indirect upward light component can be controlled separately. It will be ready for the market by this year's ‘Light + Building’, which is the world's leading trade fair for lighting and building services. The highly thermally conductive, thermoplastic base material ensures an even cooling effect. For this reason, Favo Cell can be used anywhere as an architectural lighting system where individually designed lighting solutions are required. Straight lines, diamond shapes or as creative freeform: Favo The Light Cell can be flexibly adapted to the respective architecture.
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Its low weight and modular design via snap-on connectors enable a quick and easy installation. In addition to the matt black surface, timelessly elegant and emotionally appealing surface colours are also available now: Dark sand silver and copper.
Paladio - modular linear luminaire with maximum planning freedom
Workplaces, foyers or multi-purpose areas: Linear light is ideally used in countless different areas. Maximum planning freedom is granted with the new linear Paladio lighting system, which is the contemporary interpretation of a classic, technical linear luminaire. Its high-quality surface finish and various add-on components create a pleasing ambience. This elegant luminaire is available in different versions: As surface-mounted and recessed luminaire and as a pendant variant with optional microprismatics, lens reflectors or as a power rail variant. 
The applications range from a single luminaire to extensive lighting systems, which are created by use of the Paladio Connect angular and linear connectors.
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Here again, SATTLER demonstrate their customary and extensive planning horizon: Paladio Track can be combined with many different luminaires from the SATTLER portfolio, thus responding to individual lighting requirements.
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Palito Wall and Palito Linea - Balanced play with gravity
The Palito pendant luminaire seems to defy the laws of gravity. It is suspended asymmetrically, yet floats nicely balanced in mid-air. This is achieved by means of an integrated, finely adjustable counterweight, which keeps the luminaire in its desired position. 
The Palito luminaire features SATTLER’s customary high-quality LED technology, combined with perfectly matched lenses. The light can be dimmed via an intuitive gesture control. The Palito Mikado variant creates an outstanding play with gravity by intersecting lines in the room, an exquisite structure of elegant light rods. The successful Palito series is now being expanded to include further areas of application.
Palito Wall transfers the idea of flexibility and freedom in movement of the Palito luminaire to the wall. Like clock hands, the light rods rotate and turn around themselves. The light output can be individually adjusted upwards and downwards. In this way, Palito Wall develops a play of delicate form and emotional light on the wall, slowly evolving, but constantly changing.
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Comparatively tame, literally brought ‘in line’ by use of a second suspension system, is Palito Linea in its appearance. An eye-catcher in this variant is the strikingly defined light emission. The calm, uniform light emitted by Palito Linea predestines it for its use above receptions, counters or dining tables.
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