Mosaic Inspired by the Colors of the Cantabrian Sea

Hisbalit presents Water Mix collection, six mixes of eco-friendly mosaic tile in tones of green, blue, black and white

03/03/2022 - On the occasion of Tecnova 2022, Hisbalit presented its new Water Mix collection: a collection of colorful mosaic composed by six mixes inspired in the heavenly coves of Cantabria: Arnía, Gerra, Oyambre, Covachos, Ris and Langre. 
Mosaic Inspired by the Colors of the Cantabrian Sea 2

For its new collections, Hisbalit - a brand that produces eco-friendly colorful mosaic tiles - was inspired by exquisite beaches, hidden treasures where you can enjoy the peace and tranquillity of nature in a breath-taking environment for it. The designs in tones of green, blue, black and white for Water Mix collection create a harmonious look to the pool water and evoke the feeling of summer and the calm, soothing sound of the sea. 
At Tecova 2022, Hisbalit presented its colorful mosaic collection Star Water mosaic collection with two subtle and harmonious references that change colour in the dark to create stunning visual effects: AQUARIUS and DRACO
Mosaic Inspired by the Colors of the Cantabrian Sea 3

At the Technology and Innovation Fair for Aquatic Installations Hisbalit also presented its new pools catalogue with a wide range of carefully selected colours and textures, in addition to the infinite possibilities offered by the Art Factory Hisbalit personalisation service for customised pool designs. 

The event includes a Gallery of Innovative Products, a showcase of the R&D+i efforts of the aquatic installations sector and included EDGE U and EDGE L STARLIGHT from Hisbalit, two innovative pieces with a photoluminescent finish that glows in the dark. This is a technical and versatile solution for all types of colorful mosaic tile finishes and trimmings: steps, edges, corners, cove bases and other types of joints both straight and curved.
Mosaic Inspired by the Colors of the Cantabrian Sea 4

These two photoluminescent pieces have an A3 slip-resistant finish (Class 3) and create a spectacular visual effect that offers an endless range of possibilities for safe and aesthetic finishes. These are multiuse pieces compatible with Hisbalit’s 2.5 x 2.5, 4x4 and rectangular formats. By day they are light green in colour and by  night give off a neon glow. 

Hisbalit on Archiproducts.com 

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