Horm's Proposals for the Home Office

Desks, bookcases and chairs in wood, metal and glass, integrate minimal lines and functional construction solutions

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Horm's Proposals for the Home Office
22/07/2021 - To redefine the function of domestic environments, redevelop otherwise unused spaces or renovate the workstation, Horm's proposals for the home office adapt to any space in the house. Desks, bookcases and chairs in wood, metal and glass, integrate minimal lines and functional and original construction solutions.
Made of metal and glass, the QuaDror 02 rectangular table features a frame composed of QuaDrorTM legs in raw metal: two square frames intersect each other and create a particularly sturdy support, capable of withstanding significant weight loads. The minimal design is associated with a light but powerful presence, despite the dimensions of the surface of the extraclear tempered glass top (15 mm available in the version with an oblique cut that follows the line of the legs, or rectangular). The table is part of the iconic QuaDror collection by designer Dror.
Horm's Proposals for the Home Office

Dialoguing with the desk (which becomes a dining table if inserted in a domestic living area) is QuaDror 04, a double-sided open bookcase, in which each shelf is hinged on elements that echo the QuaDror uprights, in a dynamic variation from bottom to top. This allows a progressive emptying (corresponding to the reduction of the weight load) of the surfaces that metaphorically tells of the lightening of the gaze towards the sky, combining lightness and solidity. Its connotation of freestanding bookcase, makes QuaDror 04 multipurpose and multifunctional: it can be used both as a document holder and as a partition wall to mark the office declination of the space.
Horm's Proposals for the Home Office

The QuaDror table is combined with the Ray Chair, designed by Orlandini Design, a seat with solid wood sled legs that recall the geometric shape of the square legs. A shape that visually dialogues with the oblique cross in chromed steel that characterizes the front of the chair, a tribute to the history of design and the iconic seat of Charles and Ray Eames, topped by an upholstered seat and backrest with a more enveloping and soft comfort 
The Ray chair is matched to the solution Bureau, a modern writing desk, which allows you to “dress” as an office some unexpected spaces or passage of your home, or to contain the whole office in a space that can be closed to protect the confidentiality of your documents. 
Bureau has a pull-out matt lacquered desk, solid walnut legs, and internal led light. Due to its small size is well suited to transition areas or spaces obtained in the living room, in the bedroom, or in a mansard. 
Horm's Proposals for the Home Office

Bureau is also a perfect match for the Stereo Wood chair, an element that is part of a wider and more versatile collection (Stereo collection) designed by Luca Nichetto.
Horm's Proposals for the Home Office

Right from the primary sign that outlined its structure, J-Table was born under the banner of the intertwining of desk top and bookcase. The desk table designed by Jean François Gomrée, is a hymn to asymmetry. Supporting the honeycomb-core top veneered in white laminate, are a leg-wall made of the same material which, on the opposite side, contrasts with the lightness of the bookcase leg made of beech plywood veneered in walnut or oak. Two opposite structures and textures compare and dialogue with each other, with the aim of providing a further response to the different needs of space, in domestic or work situations.
Horm's Proposals for the Home Office

The counterpoint to the physicality of J-Table is the open bookcase Singles designed by Carlo Cumini. Singles is a bookcase made up of two separate bodies, that is, two columns with shelving, which in turn are joined by a single aluminum bracket adjustable at 60, 90 or 120 degrees. This allows them to be independent of each other, and at the same time united by an adjustable opening. A solution that gives great movement to the bookcase form, allowing it to adapt to any perimeter to dress otherwise blind corners, or corners of the room occupied by supporting columns. Singles is made of shoulders in canaletto walnut or white lacquered beech wood and fixed shelves in white lacquered MDF.
Horm's Proposals for the Home Office


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