HOWE. A New Sense of Mobility

AS series by Andreas Störiko

13/11/2020 - This fall HOWE introduces not only a brand-new product to its range but also a truly unique idea of freedom to move. What does it mean to work with furniture that allows changing of concepts ad hoc, where you can design work, meeting, eating and leisure spaces in just a few moments? We want you to feel free to adapt the furniture any way you like it. We want you to feel free to rearrange the settings the way it works best for you. We want you to feel free to make yourself comfortable.
HOWE. A New Sense of Mobility 2

To tap into the new dynamics of our work- and lifestyles HOWE teamed up with the award-winning German designer, Andreas Störiko, who already has great experience in mobile and flexible designs. Andreas Störiko has devoted one of his projects to the highly dynamic furnishing systems and created a brilliant line of exceedingly adaptable and change-able chairs, tables, and accessories.

The furniture is characterized by its innovative attitude toward mobility. As HOWE has always been looking for truly original ideas that contribute to the flexibility and space-saving solutions as well as repre-sent great design and quality, the Andreas Störiko’s concept fits perfectly into its most important values and philosophy. We all have recently experienced the great significance of adaptability when we had to accustom to the new social norm of distancing. The new AS series and all other HOWE furniture make this possible.

To start, the AS series will offer nesting swivel chairs and round tables, which were fully developed and already introduced to the European market. The co- operation between Andreas Störiko and HOWE will continue from that point to broaden the AS series and deliver further products that are currently in the development stage.

The AS 100, a nesting swivel chair
HOWE. A New Sense of Mobility 3

A perfect alternative for the well-known vertical stacking chair. It allows quick and effortless movement. Lots of chairs can be pushed with ease into the lift, storage or across the room. It gives the furnishing freedom to adapt the settings spontaneously according to the rising need. Moreover, the nesting module was designed to save as much space as possible. It is a comfortable meeting swivel chair when stacked horizontally is easy to handle and uses very little space.

AS400 table
HOWE. A New Sense of Mobility 4

The table is yet another response to the dynamically changing world. Its uniquely shaped tabletop creates an unlimited number of different configurations. The cutting-edge design of the table’s lifting and nesting system allows you to maneuver with ease and handle the tables with little effort. They are simple to lift even over a couple of steps, and one person can quickly change set-ups and arrange any kind of meeting or working space.

HOWE is officially launching the cooperation with the designer and sale of the AS series on the 1st of November in Europe and at the beginning of 2021 in the USA. Chosen designs are going to be also available via quick ship program. The furniture holds the FSC certificate, and its production will follow the HOWE’s comprehensive code of conduct of sustainable production.

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