Howe presents the new arrival in the 40/4 family

40/4 xtra Chair: Wide, Comfortable, and Functional

24/06/2020 - Howe's 40/4 family has welcomed a new member. The best stacking chair in the world is now available in a bigger size. For those who relish the wide comfortable seating, but do not want to compromise on functionality and flexibility – 40/4 xtra is the answer.
Howe presents the new arrival in the 40/4 family 2

The new chair keeps all the features of the original 40/4 design by David Rowland. The structure, the stackability, the waterfall edges and impeccable comfort. It also has a strong environmental profile, the chair is FSC certified and has obtained all the major environmental certificates (GreenTagCertTM, HPDs, EPDs) - exactly like the entire 40/4 family.

The 40/4 xtra is precisely 1.6” wider and 0.2” higher in comparison to the standard version of the chair. This slight change gives the opportunity to provide even more comfortable seating in places when space is not strictly limited. However, the dense stacking properties remain unchanged which allows fast-changing arrangements and easy storage on dollies.
Howe presents the new arrival in the 40/4 family 3

The finish options are similar, the new 40/4 xtra chair is available in veneer, as upholstered and semi-upholstered. The standard linking systems, like brace and eye-/hook linking, are also standard accessories.

40/4 chair in a nutshell
David Rowland’s 40/4 stackable chair is one of the most important designs of the 20th century. Its elegant lines, excellent ergonomics, and unsurpassed ability to create space without taking up space continues to attract architects and designers. An indisputable icon of multifunctional design, the 40/4 chair is featured in design collections and museums all over the world. Since its launch in 1964, the chair has never been out of production. More than 8 million have been sold.

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Howe presents the new arrival in the 40/4 family 4

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