Humanscale: Bodies in Motion

The multidimensional experience by Todd Bracher and Studio TheGreenEyl

15/03/2019 - Humanscale, the leader in ergonomic solutions that improve the health and comfort of work life, announces its installation at Milan Design Week 2019. The experiential installation, titled Bodies in Motion, is an exploration of the essence of human movement and a visual metaphor of the company’s commitment to ergonomics.
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The installation highlights Humanscale’s pioneering use of natural ergonomics, which draws on the laws of physics and motion to design products that automatically adapt to the user's position. Long-time design collaborator Todd Bracher and Studio TheGreenEyl, a design and research practice with a focus on digital design were invited to create a multi-dimensional experience for Humanscale. 

The installation reinterprets the original scientific method of motion perception developed by Swedish psychophysicist Gunnar Johansson in 1973 which involved placing lights on key points of the human body to highlight movement. Bodies in Motion applies 21st-century digital projection technology and sensors to collect and communicate data through 15 beams of light that project across the space in a striking visual display.
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Bodies in Motion is an experience that unfolds as one travels through the space’, says designer Todd Bracher. ‘Through a unique collaboration that merges our human-centric design approach with Studio TheGreenEyl's expertise in experiential technologies, we are together reinterpreting the essence of human movement in a fully immersive installation that represents the fundamental ergonomic principles that are core to Humanscale’s DNA’.

Upon entering the site, visitors will be welcomed by a large open space that encourages free and spontaneous movement throughout the installation. Human motion in the form of beams of light are projected throughout the space onto a large circular screen, seemingly floating in the air, creating a digital artwork. Visitors are invited to become a part of the installation by performing their own movement, which will then be converted into rays of light visible throughout the installation.
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Bodies in Motion gives a new interpretation to the idea of human movement and pays homage to the science and innovation at the core of our products and services’, says Leena Jain, CMO of Humanscale. ‘We are delighted to have guests experience and interact with Humanscale in what will be a powerful moment during this global celebration of design’.

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