The Heated Towel is Inspired by Ancient Chinese Hexagrams

At the Salone Internazionale del Bagno in Milan Tubes presents I Ching, the new modular towel warmer designed by Elisa Ossino

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19/05/2022 - Designed for Tubes by Elisa Ossino, the new I Ching heated towel is a module whose starting point was radical form simplification. This new system will be presented at the next edition of the Salone Internazionale del Bagno, scheduled in Milan from 7 to 12 June 2022.

Maximum volume and thickness reduction based on highly complex technical research: I Ching has turned heating rails into an artwork, a distinctive wall design element which stands out in any space, making you forget about its intended functional role.
Single or multiple, parallel or in sequence, I Ching heated towel fits onto walls via asymmetrical attachments offering you the chance to create a range of graphic and form compositions conjuring up I Ching book’s hexagrams.

I Ching heated towel has been devised for installations in multiples which redesign spaces with unforeseeable compositional solutions featuring great dynamism. In the choice of how to arrange the elements, the wall and the space themselves become part of a wider artwork and complementary in the creation. You can plan your own personal design experience with warmth in different spaces, finishes and colours.
Horizontal or vertical arrangements, the form-finishes relationship, all this contributes to a diverse and unique approach on the interiors.
Seen from a distance, elements can look like surface cuts or very straightforward series combinations, generating installations of great purity with their own rhythm and harmony.
The Heated Towel is Inspired by Ancient Chinese Hexagrams 1

The finishes chosen contribute to giving rooms a distinctive personality. Polished stainless steel, satin-effect stainless steel, matt brushed black nickel, matt brushed tin, matt brushed copper, matt black (RAL 9005), matt white (RAL 9016), or painted in one of the 140 colours of the Tubes colour range. There are many options to choose from: for a more industrial, more sophisticated or more decorative look, thanks to contrasting or matching colour combinations with rooms and walls. There are also four available sizes: lengths of 53, 63, 78 and 135 and widths of 4 cm and a very thin section.
The Heated Towel is Inspired by Ancient Chinese Hexagrams 2

I Ching design is a new expression of the Tubes revolution in the history of radiators and it encapsulates some of the company’s key values: the pursuit of aesthetic and form innovation to its utmost, design sublimating function, obsessive attention to detail, the freedom to design radiators which are no longer recognisably such, customisation and modularity as differentiating elements.

The result is towel rails whose focus is elegance of form and attention to detail and particulars. Lightweight, minimalist, essential: with I Ching, the heating rail can be as precious as a jewel or take the place of a painting on a wall. The relationship between the heating elements, the room containing them and the home's owner is made even more special and generates ultra-personal interpretations.

Lastly, the company's internal production, as with all Tubes products, has enabled us to find a synthesis between the intentions of the design by Elisa Ossino and the technological requirements on a development and engineering level which led to us taking out a patent for the connectors for installation perfection.
I Ching is made of 304L stainless steel and it is available in an electric version (24 volts) and can be accessorised with an on/off switch for manual use and a digital wireless thermostat (in accordance with ECOdesign standards) with which the product's temperature can be regulated and a weekly programme activated.

I Ching is a new element in the Tubes Elements collection, a family of radiators born in 2004 and supplemented every year by new components designed by internationally famous designers.

The Heated Towel is Inspired by Ancient Chinese Hexagrams 3

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