Iconic furniture, Upholstery and Accessories with Retrò Flavour

Dooq, the new design company by Mambo

21/09/2018 - Born in Portugal, Dooq is the design company that Mambo has presented at Maison&Objet. Dooq collection focuses on an extensive research of details together with a vast iconographic research around art and design, creating an ever-evolving language that emphasises first the small things. Dooq seeks to find balance in things that are contrasting, creating pieces where feminine meets masculine, small meets large, soft meets solid and past meets the present allowing the new to blossom.
Sensual materials like velvet, trimings, straw and glass are combined with harder materials such as cooper, marble, brass and wood to achieve the duality in our studio’s distinctive pieces.
Metropolis Sideboard was created embodying the elegance, fine craftsmanship and rich materials of Art Deco translated into a dichotomy in which opposites attract each other: Soft curvy shapes combine with straight lines to create a visually balanced object.
Like its name suggests, Berlin sideboard is inspired by a wave of thought that is impossible to overlook when passing through the streets of Berlin. In a more down to earth piece, clean lines and a certain absence of excessive ornamentation result in a harmony between design and function.
traje de luces
Traje de Luces bar cabinet encompasses an exploration of delicate forms and a richness in details found while travelling through the south of Spain. Elegance, tradition and superior craftsmanship combined into a perfect fusion of materials to entice you always.
dolce vita
Dolce Vita console transports you to a time of greatness and opulence which we can still find vey much alive in Rome. Rich materials take the form and proportion of ancient structures connecting them to a modern functionality and purpose.
A dining table designed to question the sometimes imposed 'good taste' and good functional design with a disregard of typical shapes and an intentional imbalance created by the bottom half spheres which seem too small to even the solid top structure.
playing games
The essential shapes of these tables play between them in an alluring game of proportion and color which results in the creation of a perfect balance and tension of material and negative space. The absence of figurative shapes allows you to look at this piece from different angles and imagine various things.
bonnie & clyde
Sensual curves and straight lines embody the perfect combination of beauty and danger, much like the Hollywood legends Bonnie & Clyde. It is impossible to feel estranged with this piece which will attract you and never let go.
single man
Setting its origin in sunny California’s mid-century influence, Single Man’s collection takes you back to a time when elegance was obtained through the use of simplicity, comfort and fine materials. Using essential geometric and organic shapes, this collection creates a strong emotional connection with the user.
Well fit for a king, Majestic collection makes no compromise on sleekness and elegance with its compact curves and see-through straw. With a shape inspired by Indochinese culture this collection combines luxury and eclectic spirit creating strong fashionable pieces.
Like a warm embrace, Malibu armchair welcomes you to stay within and relax. An elevated homage to the golden age of mid-century design and organic architecture, it radiates through its unusual proportions and strong curves with softness and fine detailing resulting in a must-have piece.
la folie
With voluptuous curves and perfect poise, La Folie exalts passion and fantasy as if you were in a burlesque show at Moulin Rouge. Let yourself be drawn by this flirtatious feeling of sensuality and a touch as smooth as silk.
Celebrating a one night affair in the Caribbean paradise, Havana armchair insinuates the pleasures of a bohemian lifestyle with its flirtatious and see through shapes, reminding us of delicate lace undergarments.
Reflecting the warm tropical feeling of Havana this armchair invites you to frolic, if only for a one night adventure.
Solid and concrete like in appearance, Panorama line is an ode to monumental proportions and impacting visual lines impossible to overlook in a voyage amongst Eastern Europe’s architectural legacy. Still the strong lines are attenuated by softly gathered upholstery that will provide you maximum comfort and stability.
In a piece that combines classic and modern aesthetics we can find a certain harmonic gracefulness paired with an intimate voluptuousness that can embrace you and surprisingly break the frontiers of sophistication and elegance.
souk red
Created by the perfect combination of color, energy and shape, Souk mirrors reflect the influences of overwhelming and visually fascinating Souk markets in northern Africa with its vibrant fringes and earthy colors resembling typical macramé techniques.

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