'If Walls Could Hear'

The 2020/2021 catalogue by Dante - Goods and Bads is now online

01/07/2020 - A daydream of a teenage girl, a couple kissing in a hotel lobby, a paranoid episode: in Dante - Goods and Bad's latest collection, If the walls could hear, designer Christophe de la Fontaine and artist Aylin Langreuter contemplate on what happens to the furniture once it leaves the design studio and showroom behind, becoming a part of life of its new owners. 
'If Walls Could Hear' 2

The new catalog made in collaboration with writer Lea Schmidbauer echos the form of a screenplay and features fragments of life, a view of the relationship between people as protagonists and their intimate spaces as supporting roles. 
'If Walls Could Hear' 3

All the scenes offer  a glimpse of a story which is then passed to the reader's imagination to finish. The surrounding furniture becomes an arena for the construction of the story's continuation.
'If Walls Could Hear' 4

'If Walls Could Hear' 5

'If Walls Could Hear' 6

'If Walls Could Hear' 7

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