Illan by Zsuzsanna Horvath for Luceplan

Poetry, technology and sustainability in an ethereal, vibrant lamp

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24/07/2020 - Luceplan presents Illan, the suspension lamp designed by the young Hungarian designer Zsuzsanna Horvath and presented last year, in a prototype version, at the Salone Satellite.
Illan by Zsuzsanna Horvath for Luceplan 2

In Hungarian, the term illan indicates something temporary and fleeting, whose beauty, according to Zsuzsanna Horvath, has to be immediately grasped, without letting ourselves get distracted by the frenetic pace of everyday life. The Illan lamp has an ethereal, vibrant design subject to the undulating movement of the air, the constant variation that sets the shape and molds the luminous volume.
Illan by Zsuzsanna Horvath for Luceplan 3

It is composed of a very light body made with extremely thin, flexible plywood, cut by laser along densely packed equidistant lines and hung from the ceiling. The lamp, available in multiple sizes up to one meter in diameter, takes on volume thanks to the force of gravity and assumes its characteristic form that floats in the air. The suspension and power system is unobtrusive, contributing to the overall lightness. The warm LED light source is positioned inside the body, in the upper part, to generate very comfortably, relaxing diffused light.
Illan by Zsuzsanna Horvath for Luceplan 4

“The idea of the lamp comes from experimentation with models of laser cutting applied to different materials.", says Zsuzsanna Horvath. "When sheets of paper and wood are cut geometrically, they take on new characteristics, suspended by the force of gravity. Translucency, flexibility and a delicate undulated movement are the distinctive characteristics of the Illan lamp. The simple concentric cutting motif shapes wood into a three-dimensional sculptural object that reacts to the slightest movement of the air, while the warm glow of the light creates a relaxing sensation, reflecting on the wooden surface in harmonious resonance. The lamp is on the borderline between art and design, balancing functional quality, good looks and a bit of the magic we need in our everyday life.” 

Illan by Zsuzsanna Horvath for Luceplan 5

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