Impossible geometric shapes, curved lines, parallelepiped bodies: Block

MUT Design with Missana to build spaces with fun sofas

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Impossible geometric shapes, curved lines, parallelepiped bodies: Block
28/10/2016 - Impossible geometric shapes, construction blocks, curved lines that fit into parallelepiped bodies. These are the bases from which MUT Design got their inspiration when designing Missana’s outstanding latest collection of sofas, Block.

Block is a collection with endless possible combinations, but that initially includes two sofas, a three and a one seater sofas, designed by the well known Valencia based studio MUT Design that has successfully proofed, once again, their chameleonic design abilities to create unique products. In this their first collaboration with Missana MUT Design has managed to bring to live a collection of very versatile, exclusive and unique pieces, a collection of elegant, fun and colourful sofas. Missana, Block

Missana, Block

With their latest project MUT has gone deeper into their constant search for duality present in many of their previous pieces, by working on mainly contradictory concepts such as trend and confort and making them work effortless, that is the case of Block, a collection that reunites in a unique way trendy design, comfortable sofas, timeless pieces and exclusive products, the final result, an awesome collection suitable for the best contract & hospitality projects, where Missana already is a reference brand. Missana, Block

Missana, Block

For the launching of Block they have carefully selected a fabric that perfectly rounds up the amazing design, they have chosen top trend fabrics that follow the colour block tendence, they have gone for a mono chrome option and for a wild and shocking electric blue color, the fabric is from the Uniform collection and the color is Royal Blue by the Duch firm Febrik, which fabric provide the product with an even stronger personality. In the Block Collection the hardness and symmetry of their structures harmoniously conunteracts visually and phisically with their comfortable seats, backrests and cover removable cushions, uncontrollable opposites attraction that results in awesome and unique products.

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