Industville for Next in Enderby

The right light to your shopping experience

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Industville for Next in Enderby
26/06/2019 - The multinational clothing, footwear and home retailer, Next, chose Industville lights to light up their store in Enderby. Lighting in retail is an important aspect of interior design, as it sets the scene, puts focus on what the brand wants to portray while giving customers the perfect amount of light to enjoy a positive shopping experience.

Next opted for various different lights as they had different characters they wanted to portray. They’re known for their best-selling suits, and placing various lights in this area allows customers the perfect amount of light to browse at their leisure, being able to see every aspect of the suit that they’d want to inspect.

Next, intu Lakeside, Thurrock Way, Grays RM20 2ZP

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