Wood and Soft Colors for the New Inno Collections at Stockholm Furniture Fair

New chairs, tables, bookcases and armchairs to be discovered

07/02/2023 - Inno will exhibit its wooden furniture at the Stockholm Furniture Fair, which includes the new Naku product family designed by Harri Korhonen, the latest release by designer Rasmus Palmgren – Whippy Folding chair, and Mikko Laakkonen’s easy chair Aura Bold and Taivu Meeting.

The Naku product family by Inno consists of a stackable chair, a stool, dining and coffee tables, and a bookshelf unit. Fine wood craftsmanship and timeless design give these “tools for architects” a unique long-life cycle. In addition, these certified solid wood products are available in UV-protected, non-yellowing, water-based varnish.

The word Naku means nude or naked in Finnish children’s slang. This term describes the honest approach by the designer Harri Korhonen who, in the Naku-series, has undressed the product concept revealing the design's true core.

Naku Stack chair by Harri Korhonen
Naku Stack chair 2

Naku Stack chair

Naku Stack chair is a natural choice for cosy get-together spaces, meeting and conference rooms, and restaurants. Available in certified birch, ash or oak, with or without upholstery. The use of wood in this product is overcompensated through the creation of a new forest.

Naku Stool and Coffee Tables by Harri Korhonen
Naku Stool and Coffee Tables 3

Naku Stool and Coffee Tables

Naku stool is a multipurpose product that fits every space, as a stacking stool or as a small side table. Perfect to be placed around in big offices or bars. The upholstered version is available. The tables are stackable as well, supporting the multifunctionality of spaces. The use of wood in this product is overcompensated through the creation of a new forest.

Naku Shelves by Harri Korhonen
Naku Shelves 4

Naku Shelves

The innovative, self-supporting structure of Naku Shelves makes it sturdy and enables assembly without tools. The construction minimizes carbon footprint in all production phases and can be flat-packed. The Naku Shelf is easy to assemble and re-assemble, which makes relocation effortless and increases multifunctionality. The use of wood in this product is overcompensated through the creation of a new forest.

Whippy chair by Rasmus Palmgren
Whippy chair 5

Whippy chair

Whippy is a wooden chair with minimal use of material, multifunctionality and timeless design. This ecologically sound product, designed by Rasmus Palmgren is made of certified birch, ash or oak. Whippy chairs bring lightness to conference and meeting rooms and have a natural role as spare seats at home or office. However, the use of wood in this product is overcompensated by creating new forest.

Aura Bold by Mikko Laakkonen
Aura Bold 6

Aura Bold

Aura Bold is an easy chair offering an eye-catching silhouette by contrasting a bold seat on a light base. The exposed steel support visible on the backside of the chair provides an excellent detail in the design that follows the motif of the Aura product family. Optional wheels and a small tablet add functionality to this lounge chair, which remains compact in size regardless of its bold looks.

Taivu Compact Lounge Chair by Mikko Laakkonen
Taivu Compact Lounge chair 7

Taivu Compact Lounge chair

Taivu Compact Lounge Chair is compact in size yet distinctive in expression. Thanks to its exposed frame and clarity of structure Taivu Compact provides lightweight and original aesthetics. Inno’s selected RAL colours give several options for monochrome or brand specific outcomes. In addition, it is easily tailored to fit various interiors, such as hotel rooms, lobbies, lounges and waiting areas.

Taivu Meeting Chair by Mikko Laakkonen
Taivu Meeting chair 8

Taivu Meeting chair

Taivu Meeting designed by Mikko Laakkonen is a swivel chair with graceful contours and excellent comfort. A slight three-dimensional tilt movement is a standard feature that helps to activate the muscles supporting the spine. The seat shell naturally follows the body movement providing a dynamic and ergonomic sitting experience. In addition to the swivel, dynamic tilt and height adjustment, there is a structure with a perfect tension of foam that keeps you relaxed for extended periods. The seat and armrests are entirely upholstered in fabric or leather. Different base options are available. 

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