Inspirational elegance for designer kitchens


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Inspirational elegance for designer kitchens
21/03/2017 - HANSA is working closely with leading design companies in order to deliver stylish fittings innovations for the kitchen and the bathroom. The latest coup? ALESSI Swan by HANSA. The unique kitchen mixer was developed in cooperation with the Italian design expert Alessi. Its stunning, elegant swan-like form and the intelligent technical features on the inside give it an individual and incomparable character – exactly what is needed for sophisticated kitchen worlds. ALESSI Swan by HANSA.


With its outstanding, striking appearance, ALESSI Swan by HANSA is the perfect fitting solution for high-end kitchens with high design standards. Creator Mario Trimarchi was greatly influenced by nature when developing the fitting. The elegant operating levers of the mixer were inspired by the wings of a swan. The left lever allows the user to set the amount of water; the right lever allows the user to set the temperature.

A special hallmark here is the delicate design language. It is reminiscent of the elegance of a swan and delivers a fascinating 360-degree experience: different sculptures are visible depending on the view of the onlooker.
LED light displays water temperature
In addition to its aesthetic design, ALESSI Swan by HANSA also impresses with its sophisticated technology. An LED display on the right lever indicates the temperature of the water. If it is hotter than 32 degrees Celsius, the display lights up red. As soon as the temperature goes above 45 degrees Celsius, the red LED light begins to flash to warn the user.

Equally practical: the Tiptronik-Flex push button as a “remote control” for the sink. Once it is pressed, pre-mixed water flows from the fitting at a pleasant temperature which has been previously set using the right lever. When the button is pressed again, the water flow stops. A ‘safety stop’ is automatically triggered after 60 seconds. The temperature can be adjusted with the right lever of the mixer.
Separate hand spray with intuitive operation
Just as intuitive as the control of the water flow is the operation of the optionally available separate hand spray for two-hole installations.
As soon as it is taken out of the holder, water begins to flow out of the spout. By pressing on the diverter, the water flow is diverted to the spray. It switches off automatically after two minutes or when the spray is placed back into the holder. The desired temperature can be set easily and comfortably using the right lever of the mixer.ALESSI Swan by HANSA.


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