Integrating Greenery into Your Life

Nola's collection grows to pursue its naturalistic philosophy

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Integrating Greenery into Your Life
11/02/2019 - Nola’s new seating systems grow with their surroundings, while flexible planters bring nature indoors. Known for exploring the boundaries of public space, this season Nola reflects on the points where geometric shapes and organic forms meet.

New products from designers Mia Cullin and Anki Gneib reveal fresh potentials for bringing nature into built environments, while Thomas Bernstrand introduces a bold new approach to modular seating. Mats Aldén, Ola Gillgren, Thomas Eriksson and Tema Arkitekter enhance existing product series with new colors and complementary designs, while Gripner & Hägglund showcase a fun and funky vision of what contemporary seating can be. Nola @ SFF

Nola @ SFF

With flexibility up front and natural shapes alongside, new interpretations of familiar forms highlight Nola’s characteristic creativity. ‘Urban landscapes are becoming more complex today, inspiring new, creative approaches to public space’, explains Agneta Stake, founder and CEO of Nola. ‘So we’re meeting the need for greater flexibility with products that integrate plant-life into a wider range of surroundings. This season’s color palette reflects the richness of the earth and the green of early Springtime, bringing those elements into the built environment’.

Products such as climbing frames, hanging baskets and robust planters expand the existing Gro and Cacti series designed by Mia Cullin and Anki Gneib, respectively. They complement the existing products with sculptural forms designed to add accents of nature in surprising ways. Cacti by Nola

Cacti by Nola

Similarly, the new Central modular seating system designed by Thomas Bernstrand includes planters that add variety or designate individual areas. With seats made from Sioo-treated oak, Central is unique in its versatility and sustainability, as it can expand and configure to suit architectural layouts. Central by Nola

Central by Nola

Meeting the need for living room-like comfort with all the benefits of public space design, Gripner & Hägglund’s Cushy is an award-winning modular design. The units can create long, lateral rows, attach perpendicularly to form a corner or encircle a structural feature. Lightweight, moveable and expandable, Cushy can grow with its surroundings to meet diverse needs.

The new products were presented at the Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair.

Nola on ArchiproductsCushy by Nola

Cushy by Nola

Central by Nola

Central by Nola

Gro by Nola

Gro by Nola

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