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Infrared can strengthen the body and has a positive effect on back and joint problems

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24/11/2020 - Sometimes the best recipes for well-being are simply the most natural ones, such as in the form of heat. It helps to promote health and stimulate the metabolism. An intensive method of applying heat that really gets us sweating is a visit to the sauna. Tension is released, pores cleansed and the immune system strengthened. Those who want to get the most out of their sauna can take advantage of additional features. 
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Enjoying a sauna can be enhanced with many health-promoting innovations, such as those from KLAFS: in addition toSaltProX, which distributes fine salt particles for inhaling, and the SANARIUM with SaunaPUR®, which ensures mild temperatures and pleasant humidity, InfraPlus is characterised by warming infrared radiation. The latter quickly turns a classic sauna into an infrared sauna. Simply attached to the wall, the system works with SensoCare infrared heating technology.
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As every skin type reacts differently to heat and absorbs it in a different way, the intensity of the radiation automatically adapts to suit the respective body: the InfraPlus measures the temperature of the skin remotely during the entire course of the session and then uses algorithms to emit the correct intensity of thermal radiation. This protects against burns and ensures the correct and health-promoting use of the device. When we sit down and lean with our back and shoulders against the InfraPlus, the heat can spread in a targeted manner, have a positive effect on back pain and can strengthen our body. Infrared-C radiation has an intensive effect on our back. Our muscles absorb the radiation particularly well, which results in improved blood circulation.
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Thanks to the adjustable backrest, an all-round feel-good atmosphere is guaranteed. It allows everyone to sit however feels comfortable for them – whether in an upright position or leaning back in a more relaxed manner. A white cotton terry cloth cover is available to protect the backrest. The expanding S1 from KLAFS is available in an infrared version with a comfortable seat: the wellness programme begins just as soon as we lean back. Thanks to the comfort heating under the seats, the cabin interior is always heated up quickly to a pleasant temperature.  

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