Invisidoors: Sleek and Seamless

Argenta's interior solutions for hinged and sliding doors

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Invisidoors: Sleek and Seamless
10/01/2019 - Two sleek solutions for interiors will be presented by Argenta at BAU this year: the Invisidoor and the Invisidoor S. Invisidoor integrates interior doors into the wall without any visible fixtures. Invisidoor by Argenta

Invisidoor by Argenta

For hinged doors, the Invisidoor consists of an aluminium frame to be plastered, which can also be fitted with the compatible Argenta invisible neo hinges and finger plate. The self-locking compartments for hinges and your lock of choice can be slid into place in the U profile of the door frame. You fill up the rest by clicking the cover profiles, cut to measure, into the same U profile. The remaining visible seam can be sealed and sanded down for an even smoother finish.

It is always possible, even after installation, to exchange the hinge side of an Invisidoor system without having to take the entire door frame apart. An additional hinge can even be added after installation.

Invisidoor S is the sliding door Invisidoor solution. When closed, the door is completely invisible on one side of the wall, eliminating the need for handle. When opened, the door leaf slides away into the wall: a space-saving feature characteristic of all the Argenta pocket doors. The groove that remains in the wall when the sliding door is in the closed position is sealed off by a moving cover profile.

This sliding door system can be used for wooden sliding doors up to 40 kg and is equipped as standard with a ‘soft-close’ and an ‘auto-eject’ system for easier handling.

Argenta on ArchiproductsInvisidoor S by Argenta

Invisidoor S by Argenta

Invisidoor S by Argenta

Invisidoor S by Argenta

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