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Ever presents Tape, the equippable band designed by Monica Graffeo

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The evolution of domestic spaces focused on the well-being of those who live in: Ever presents TAPE, the equippable band designed by Monica Graffeo.
Tape is suitable for different uses in different spaces: a modular and innovative collection that combines design, functionality and well-being in the home. With TAPE it is possible to create customized solutions by shaping the same object, that can be used in the bathroom, in the kitchen, in the living room, in the studio, in children’s room.
TAPE is light, essential and compact, it can be placed in different small corners, or on elements commonly unused ( like the doors ); materials are eco-friendly, perfect to coexist together with people in the same spaces. The bands of the TAPE system, made of technical material, are very solid: they are available in four lenghts, characterized by a series of loops in which you can put different accessories. Wall fixation is assured by a solid bracket.
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TAPE STORAGE is an accessory-organizer to store items in different spaces, and at the same time it can be transformed into an ally for physical fitness. The band can be completed by adding accessories to organize and design the space: big bags; medium bags tight or long; small bags with two compartments, hooks for flexible objects with the possibility to adjust the desire height of fixation, toilet roll holder made of beechwood.
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In the TAPE FIT version the bands that you can use for suspension training have solid handles made of natural beechwood, the yoga mat and brick are made of natural cork, able to offer a complete kit for home fitness.
Thanks to this solution perfect for the new concept of home-fitness, the wellness is the core of the project, for a healthy lifestyle, giving the possibility to keep fit also at home.
The fitness line offers also a yoga mat and brick made of natural cork and rubber – materials with zero environmental impact because totally recyclable – and big bags to store the brick or other tools for training indoor.
TAPE SHOWER completes this new collection, the belt has a system of fixation by suction caps to adhere perfectly to the wall of the bathroom or of the shower corner. Bags have different dimension, and they are made of a waterproof fabric, perfect to store all the products for body care.

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