JEE-O pure 09, a mini-wellness centre in your own back yard

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JEE-O pure 09, a mini-wellness centre in your own back yard
08/02/2016 - The pure 09 shower by JEE-O offers 365 days a year of pleasure, both indoors and out. The trend of outdoor showers is going from strength to strength. By adding the all-weather, frost-free option to the pure 09, for example, you can continue to enjoy JEE-O even down to 30° below zero! Be sure to have a warm sauna or jacuzzi close by, because when the tap is turned off, -30°C can bechilly.  pure 09 shower

pure 09 shower

With the 365 all-weather, frost-free option, you can now have a mini-wellness centre in your own back yard or roof garden. Moreover, this unique feature can be added to eight different JEE-O models. Enjoy the special luxury of showering in the open air, whenever you like. In all seasons, day in, day out; mini-wellness outdoors at any time of the year.

The JEE-O pure series includes a bath filler, a range of washbasin taps and faucets, a wall tap for the bath and the free-standing shower. All items are available in a brushed or polished finish. What immediately catches the eye in the pure series is the trademark ring and the absence of traditional knobs and temperature controls. The ring is both an on-and-off tap and a regulator for warm and cold water. Thanks to Lammert Moerman’s decade of experience in designing bath fixtures, JEE-O designs are not only a joy to behold, but each and every one is a unique and innovative product.

Together with the 365 all-weather frost-free option, these are unique characteristics beautifully captured in striking designs: JEE-O, designed in the Netherlands by Lammert Moerman.

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