Jetclass Presents Faith

Classic lines with a modern reinterpretation

17/11/2020 - There's something intrinsically luxurious and old fashioned about Faith designed by Jetclass. Its declivous arms and back, the intricate details and the classic lines with a modern reinterpretation will make this piece a timeless decorative item. This sofa is sure to endure for centuries to come, a confident piece of furniture to complement the luxurious interiors.
Jetclass Presents Faith  2

Faith is the expression of perfect aesthetic, providing you with the best quality seating solution. Through its unique existence and shape this sofa determines its own history. Handsomely crafted from metal, it combines an avant-garde approach with classic and emblematic lines.
Inspired by the world's culture and the Portuguese history, Jetclass offers a Neoclassic design style with royal details turning creations into timeless masterpieces. Reinventing itself, Jetclass combines its own style with contemporary lines of an innovative and striking design, preserving the brand's personality.

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Jetclass Presents Faith  3

Jetclass Presents Faith  4

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