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Axis and Metropolis, the new lamp collections

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08/06/2018 - Juniper Design Studio, a fully integrated lighting design studio and manufacturing shop based in Brooklyn, returned to the ICFF in NYC to unveild the Metropolis Wall Sconce, a thoughtfully-designed addition to the brand’s larger Metropolis Collection, and the brand new Axis Collection.
Axis Collection
The Axis Collection, which includes three groundbreaking fixtures Axis X - Axis T - Axis Wall Sconce, explores the balance of form and light through reductive design. The collection, designed by Miren Lasnier at Juniper, draws inspiration from the extruded angles, channels, and tees that proliferated during the Industrial Revolution and remain virtually unchanged until today. Each fixture is made up of parallel angles that embrace arrays of light radiating from a central channel. The brass angles are balanced by the warm illumination of the LED arrays.
“In designing the Axis Collection, we wanted to stay true to the Juniper brand, adding product that has both purpose for its user and aesthetic value,” comments Founder Shant Madjarian. “The collection balances both of these concepts and satisfies a void in the lighting marketplace with its conception.”
The Axis Collection encompasses a variety of suspended and wall-mounted configurations. Each style possesses its own visual language and highlights a unique orientation. The core of the Axis Collection blends modesty with luxury to create dynamic lighting silhouettes.
Metropolis Wall Sconce
Designed in collaboration with David Meckley and Huntsman Architectural Group, the Metropolis Wall Sconce is defined centrally by its three-inch illuminated cylinder profile. An aluminum core bisects the fixture into independently operated hemispheres, while an optional perforated mesh diffuser adds visual texture and austerity. The rectangular backplate is unique to the wall sconce and is designed to allow vertical and horizontal mounting.
“The initial Metropolis collection was incredibly well-received, for both its design and functionality. Adding a sconce edition to the Metropolis lineage of products felt like a natural fit as it affords designers further opportunity to specify our lighting modules, regardless the size of the space they’re working with.” says Shant Madjarian
Customization is inherent to both the collection and the latest variation, with three unique finish options available for the lamp’s metal detail: Satin Brass, Satin Aluminum, and Polished Aluminum. With elements of integrated shapes, materials, and textures, the Metropolis Wall Sconce joins the Metropolis Collection to bring contemporary aesthetics with subtle vintage references to unique spaces worldwide. 

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